Betterspot VPN router

Last updated: October 20, 2016

Betterspot VPN routerWe are happy to surprise our followers with the up-to-date technologies presented on the market and today we are to acquaint you with an innovation known as Betterspot VPN router. The router works both with VPN and Tor technologies. For those who haven’t heard or just forgotten what the terms mean can refresh the memory. Through the innovative router a private browsing is allowed. As you know, a fast browsing is not provided by Tor as it has been invented for online communication protection. Thus, using a paid content of Betterspot a fast speed performance can be achieved easily even while using Tor.

The Internet access is provided through WAN. The official app can be used for setting up a secure connection to the Internet. A VPN or Tor usage can be selected from the settings of the app. The router can be used for all your gadgets simultaneously, which is extremely useful for long trips. When speaking about VPN, it is frequently required to make settings for all your devices separately, while using the router you can make it at a time.

Today Betterspot+VPN can be bought for $115 per month or $165 per a year. Of course, it’s up to you to decide on its usage but think twice before making a conclusion, because maybe old faithful VPN is manage to do it independently.