Best Smart DNS for Australia

Last updated: April 06, 2017

Best Smart DNS for AustraliaBeing even an average customer you have probably noticed that TV series transmitted in keeping with a specially developed program have been already replaced by such up-to-date solutions like streaming services and resources. But with the renewal of copyright issue most of these channels administrations have switched over to regional streaming. The innovation means that different channels have various zones of their material showing. Thus Netflix, for instance is the US oriented resource, which is inaccessible for citizens of Australia, for instance. In such a way, living in the US and having acquired the channel’s license you will be deprived of a possibility to watch it if going outside the country.

In this respect, some computer professionals have already created a good solution for the problem called Smart DNS. Having decided to browse a geo-restricted website, you need to run the tool to change the DNS on your device. This DNS is to change your true address to the needed one for accessing Netflix, for instance. However, a Smart DNS is not the best solution for your accessing regionally blocked websites, as soon as it is considered to be lack of security. Provided that you are going to stream a heavy traffic while using Smart DNS, your ISP can estimate you and throttle your traffic if not speaking about all the online threats you may face while surfing the network.

One of the most advanced solutions for Australia is Smart DNS over a VPN. A good VPN service is to make your network not only free from any frames of geo-locations, but also will make your system riskless in the face of all online odds. A strong VPN runs the top-torch protocols and bit-keys to protect your transferring data from leaks and interceptions. Besides, a reliable service stores no logging data and accepts various payment methods, which is great for your online anonymity level. So, while looking for a tool that is to make you network free from geo-restrictions, don’t forget to pay your attention to security level too.