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Nikolos Faslow
Nikolos Faslow
Last updated: 14/05/2018

imdb_glWhat is IMDB?


IMDB is the abbreviation of Internet Movie Database.

It is the largest movie database. It possesses a library of over 4 million movies, TV shows and serials.

Besides visiting IMDB website, one will get acquainted with over 7 million actors, producers and script writers.

What about IMDB owner?


Since the year of 1998 and to this day Amazon Inc. owns the largest movie database. Amazon supports IMDB in every respect and in this connection all information collected on is available to every single user.

A couple of words about IMDB history


The history of the largest movie database is connected with the ‘Usenet’. Previously, users shared their opinions regarding the movies, actors, serials and what not on rec.arts.movies. The ‘FAQ’ page contained thousands of questions and responses to them. Thus, the database was created on the 17th of October, 1990 on the basis of these questions.

The idea was great, as there were no alternatives to it. A group of developers led by Colin Needham worked out this database and made it attractive for an average user.

Three years later the IMDB database became available on the Internet. It led to the creation of ‘Internet Movie Database, Ltd.’.

IMDB introduction



One will find it easy to use IMDB website. This platform offers numerous facilities:

  • Want to find the information about ‘The Games of Thrones’?

A person may use a built-in search engine. It is possible to classify the data and choose the category. Then, it will be allowed to find out more about a desired movie or a TV show.


  • Spent hours on finding the information on cinematography products?

Why not to visit ‘Movies, TV & Showtimes’ page? Here one will find comments on numerous movies, TV shows and what not. Besides, the info is usually provided with short trailers.


What one may find out by means of IMDB?

A short description, actors, directors, rating and what not will be in users’ disposal.


  • Like to read about showbiz news?

‘Celebs, Events & Photos’ are targeted people who are interested in celebrities’ lives. 


  • News fans only!

IMDB users will know more about stars, movies and everything which is connected with them. The pieces of news are added regularly.


  • Found the movies to match while reading about them?

It is not a problem to add them to a watchlist. After adding a movie will be available on this page.



Coming to the conclusion


Although IMDB provides users with diverse information, still it is popular as the website helping in choosing the best movies to watch. IMDB website proposes movies, TV shows and serials ratings.

Don’t know what to do in the evening?

Visit and find something to your liking.

Currently, the top 5 movies to watch are:



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