Best free VPN for Android

Last updated: May 14, 2018

Best free VPN for AndroidIf compare different platforms in terms of popularity, it should be mentioned that Android is one of the most popular among them, as soon as many customers use it on their smart phones and tablets, which are one of the most popular devices for today. But before deciding on a free VPN for Android, we offer you to have a look at the latest revealed vulnerabilities:

One class to rule them all:

— The code is executed among multiple devices and leads to privacy reduction. The malware has affected all the devices despite their Android version.

Dhcpd buffer overrun:

— The malware exceeds the actual length of DHCP buffer. An attacker can use the vulnerability to put a code away on the device.


The malware allowed users to create ping sockets in order to crack the system. The vulnerability has been revealed on Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and HTC One (M9).

  Samsung WifiHs20UtilityService

Samsung S6 Edge device has been stated as vulnerable due to this malware. This vulnerability allows an attacker to write a file to an arbitrary path as if he/she were a user.

Pipe inatomic

The vulnerability allows adversaries to cause a denial of service. In the group of affected devices there are all Android based gadgets.

So, as you see, a desire to subscribe for a VPN service has a proof to be done. However, having decided on a free service, you need to subscribe for the best free VPN for Android. Unfortunately, any free service is lack of possibilities it can give to a customer. Thus, having subscribed for a free service you will be deprived of customer support and any guarantees of a qualitative performance of a service. So, you should take a fundamental approach to the selection. Firstly, you should make sure a service offers a vast variety of servers or servers located in your country, if you want to run your ‘home’ network. Secondly, the encryption methods used by a service should be up-to-date and meet the standards. Thus, you should know that although L2TP and OpenVPN can reduce your network speed performance, they are better in securing technologies than old-fashioned PPTP. Moreover, you should learn whether a VPN company stores some data on the customers and how the firm makes money. Otherwise, you can become a victim of dishonest business built on data sales and ads. So, having taken into consideration all the factors, you are able to choose the variant that is to meet all your demands.