The best country VPN to use for the USA

Last updated: May 14, 2018

The best country VPN to use for the USABy drawing a parallel between internet freedoms of different countries, the US will definitely take a middle position. Although the country is included into fourteen eyes countries (five eyes) and is known to commit surveillance over the citizens, it seems to be less censored than such countries as China, Iran, India, etc. Nevertheless, any democracy adherer strives for an ideal vision of internet freedom. Unfortunately, it’s utopia. Therefore, more and more average customers have begun using a VPN service.

The service was developed and launched more than fifteen years ago. And although its primary goal differs from today’s usage, the fundamental principles of operation remained the same. For those who far from understanding of the service here is a little help table:





Having subscribed for a service and downloaded an app, you receive a list of servers in use. Having decided on a server, you connect to the internet through the server. In this case your true address is substituted by a server’s one. Therefore, all your online activities become confidential, as nobody can trace them back to you.

While sending or receiving something on the internet all your traffic passes through a secure tunneling created by a service, so it becomes encrypted unreadable and inaccessible for any prying eyes.

When speaking about anonymity level, you should be cautious, as different companies provide different conditions. The best VPN service is to keep NO logging data and to ask you for filling in your email address and password when signing up for the service. Also, such a service is to accept different payment methods including crypto-currency. Besides, it should offer a free trial version or a money-back guarantee.

As you see, having applied the best VPN for the USA for your network, you will forget about multiple online fraudulence and hackers, as all your confidential data will be under a reliable protection.