The best browser extensions

Last updated: March 07, 2018

best browser extensionsBrowser extensions are considered to be a great way of protection. It guarantees keeping your data secure. But there are some questions: Should I really use it? Which is the best? Is it really useful? Let’s try to define the best browser extensions distinguishing all pros and cons.


1. Your browsing experience may be controlled with ad and script blockers. Useless ads on the sites you visit are blocked. Besides, third-party scripts are also killed by the blocker simplifying your life. However, using it you accept great responsibility concerning your online activity. If you do not know how to use properly, the sites you read may be broken by the tools. In this case, you should configure the settings.

  • AdBlock Plus (Firefox/Chrome/Safari)

Pop-up ads, banners and rollover ads are blocked by AdBlock Plus. It prevents from visiting malware-hosting domains while cookies and scripts are being disabled. The right mixture of ease-of-use, on-and-off toggling should be emphasized as well as hands-off management. According to the main features, Adblock Plus is supposed to be one of the greatest ways for protection.


2. Nowadays anti-cookie and anti-tracking extensions are in great request. The market is constantly growing representing various apps and extensions that do not have a great distinction, as they accomplish the same functions.

  • Disconnect Private Browsing (Firefox/Chrome/IE/Safari)

The extension guarantees protection from all types of malware and tracking providing secure Wi-Fi. Moreover, there are some features that are unavailable in other tools. For example, using the extension you are protected from tracking by Facebook or Twitter. By the way, you may not be afraid of sidejacking when your private data can be access with the help of stolen cookies.


3. If you’re interested in improving your speed that is low because of the advertising cruft, you should use disconnect’s browser tool. Using the tool your browsing is kept safe. Your connections are checked against malware-packed ad networks and if it is necessary they are blocked.

  • Disconnect desktop

Disconnect desktop has two versions: free and paid. As for free version, it contains plugins and a basic proxy that make your browsing secure. At the same

time if you upgrade the version and pay for premium offer, you’ll get features that are suitable for apps for iOS and Android. It helps to protect your system blocking malware as well as encrypting your traffic with the help of full-fledged VPN.