Are you web-savvy?

Last updated: February 11, 2017

Are you web-savvy? The current generation of netizens feels concern about keeping sensitive info secret while browsing the net. Such tendency is explained by rapidly increased number of hacking and unauthorized systems’ penetrations that inherent in personal info compromising. It stands to reason that users try to fight against cybercrime and protect their data from stealing. So, if you are web-savvy or just think about personal privacy, the following instructions will be helpful.

The easiest way to secure you browsing is surfing the net via incognito mode by utilizing Firefox or Tor. These browsers are the most recommendable seeing the fact that other utilities can track browsing history, searches and requests in order to use collected info in personal guileful purposes. By activating incognito mode, you disable browsing history and web cache recording therefore you will be able to surf the net without tracing.

How to activate incognito status in Google Chrome:

1. In the opened Chrome window click Menu at the top right.

2. Pick New Incognito Window which will display with a gray figure in the top right corner.

3. Just click the X symbol to close incognito mode.

4. The same method is suitable for mobile devices. If you feel browsing through incognito mode is insufficient, ask a reliable VPN provider for security assistant. VPNs mask your real location by appointing IP address of the selected server. In addition, they encrypt all traffic passing through your device securing all exchanging data. VPN is one of the best ways to protect your internet browsing against hackers attack to the full extent.