Are you a victim of personal data leakage?

Last updated: May 14, 2018

Are you a victim of personal data leakage?If you want to protect your internet connection and surf anonymously and boundlessly connecting to home or public hotspots, be sure that you need to use a VPN. This technology provides different benefits to its users, but at the same time VPN provider can conduct its activities in a low level leaking personal info to a third party.

How to recognize a problem?

The easiest way to assuage your bounds and check your VPN connection efficiency is to visit special websites which identify and show your active IP address. It’s quite clear that the displayed number need to be originated from the country’s server you have chosen in your VPN program. Showing a real IP signifies deep but corrigible problems with your VPN network.

To confirm your apprehension and sit over a problem, you can visit This website commits different techniques checking your IP address and other info which is incident to leakage.

Which measures can be undertaken?

It’s possible to activate some extra functions on your device besides VPN utilization. For example, you can hide your geographical location configuring your internet browser to disallow location requests or use a browser extension which assign a fake region to your real address.

What's worth special attention?

The most vulnerable is a data transporting through the DNS. Targeted at operating the web, your device need to contact with DNS servers in order to transform site addresses from names to numeric IPs. Usually your machine uses the DNS which belongs to your internet provider. In such a manner using a doubtful VPN and leaking DNS through local ISP, you disclose enough info allowing to track your real identity.

What can we advise?

Even if you fix DNS leakage, think about a VPN service you use. Feel free reporting the problem to the technical support which helps to configure your VPN connection. You can also subscribe for another service which seems more decent and reliable. Furthermore, you can easily choose an appropriate one using ratings from our website. This is because we care for our visitors and seek for useful and hot info from a cybersecurity world.