Android contains vulnerability

Last updated: December 02, 2016

Android contains vulnerability Android versions higher 4.4 contains dangerous exploit. The vulnerability was discovered by the experts of the company Lookout dealing with cybersecurity. According to the scientists, the data of 80% users are in danger because of exploit.

The researchers from the University of California discovered the vulnerability concerning the system Linux. Thanks to exploit hackers can intercept an unencrypted data just knowing IP address of the sender and the recipient.

It's estimated that Androids based on Linux 3.6 are vulnerable. On the whole, there are 79.9% devices run on Android.

In spite of the wide spreading the vulnerability does not imply massive attacks. It’s not easy to use the exploit but if hacker’s aim is to get victim’s data, they can achieve the aim using the exploit.

Moreover, the vulnerability was removed in most recent update of Linux but it still exists in Android. Probably, Google will change the situation for the better.

What should you do if you’re afraid for data security?

For avoiding the problem it is necessary to use apps that encrypt the data. Besides, website you use for communications flow should include encryption protocol HTTPS. For better safety you may use VPN that enhances your security.