Actions to take for staying under well-founded online protection

Last updated: May 14, 2018

Actions to take for staying under well-founded online protection According to the most recent polls, Chrome is one of the most popular searching engines being utilized by 70% of netizens. Beyond all doubt, it’s chosen for obvious reasons. First of all, Chrome is compatible with all major OSes including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. What is more, the team of professionals works hard at the software upgrade. In such a way, it offers a huge variety of useful extensions, which make their product the most in-demand among the competitors. However, as the company is not completely satisfied with what has already been achieved, the work for further upgrading is being continued. Today it is focused on taking new steps forwards connection safety.

What does the new Chrome upgrade bring to the internet community?

As of today, HTTP web pages are marked as “Not Secure” in case they ask for a user’s password or credit card filling. But starting from October 2017, a new 62 version will show the warning in two more cases. According to the formal statement, passwords and credit card information are not the only types of data that should be kept secret. That is why new Chrome version will warn its customers of connection insecurity when entering data on out-of-dated HTTP websites and browsing them in Incognito mode.

In such a manner, updating a Chrome browser you improve the chances of online privacy and safety.

Why do you still need additional protection?

The Chrome team efforts focusing on personal security improvement deserve high praise. Nevertheless, your net connection needs to be protected against malicious penetrations and potential data leakages.

Fortunately, users that are concerned about personal web security can use various network protecting tools, such as VPN. This top-notch technology protects your online activity by managing the following objectives:

  • masking your actual IP address and thus hiding your activity from ISPs and other prying eyes;
  • creating an encrypted tunnel between your device and the VPN server you are connected to and this way securing your traffic from malicious hackers and adversaries.

Having subscribed for a decent VPN for Google Chrome, you will surf a free network, which is out of threats and dangers.