About 69% of IT funding goes to DTI. And what about security?

Last updated: May 14, 2018

About 69% of IT funding goes to DTI. And what about security? According to the latest findings on digital information initiative (DTI) held in the US, UK and Germany, its acceptance seems to be widespread. Moreover, it has become clear that the value of digitalization is occupied by both business and society. The respondent’s answers have demonstrated that about 30% of their budget gained in the sphere of IT is used for DTI. Herewith, the most advanced companies have indicated the most of the funding comes from such spheres as product development department, customer service, sales, and marketing.

In such a way, it can be assumed that IT sphere presents one of many sources for DTI’s initiatives, though making the biggest score in 69% of funding. Therefore, when talking about a possibility to achieve real-time observation and business value from machine data more than 70% of respondents have claimed the question is viewed by them with the highest priority.

However, while the IT leaders consider their teams to keep up with the time and meet up-to-date and future business demands they give insufficient attention to online security. Thus, being ridden on internet technologies any business needs to implement additional solutions for greater protection. Unfortunately, in view of recent events we can state that even such incomparable IT giants as Google & Facebook undergo hacker’s and phishing attacks. That’s exactly why instead of reviving your business or any other confidential data from scratch, you need to pay attention to such top-notch protective solution as a VPN. Having subscribed for the service, you avoid the web issues while acquiring a chance to switch your virtual location as frequently as you wish. So, don’t ignore the aspect if you want to keep your data safe.