9 tips for secure networking from Edward Snowden

Last updated: May 14, 2018

9 tips for secure networking from Edward SnowdenIt is an open secret that web browsers, social media networks and different apps gather info of all internet users and utilize it for personal purposes, but no one knows how to avoid such infringement. That’s exactly why Edward Snowden, a former CIA employee, has given some advices how to make internet surfing and data storage safer.

1. Browse the https websites only

Even if you think that your browsing history will be unattractive for intelligence services, retain your right to web privacy and visit websites that offer encrypted connection, such as https sites. What is more, you can install special plugin which will automatically encrypt all visited websites releasing you from necessity to verify the connection status.

2. Keep your correspondence secret

Upgrade your browser and download an encapsulant which encrypts all your messages and makes them readable with inserting the special key only.

3. Use secure messengers

Usage of the correct messenger is a door-opener to personal security. That’s why select apps that automatically encipher your correspondence, such as Telegram, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Even if your communication is leaked, hackers will receive a set of symbols impossible to decipher.

4. Take care of cloud data storage

There is no doubt that cloud storage has two strikes against malicious hackers that can pick the right password and access your personal account. If you want to keep your data secured, use encrypting services, such as VPNs.

5. Cipher exchanging traffic

This tip is especially useful while connecting to public hotspots that are magnetic for hackers and malicious strangers. Therefore, subscribe for a VPN which creates an encrypted channel delivering your communication secure and integral to the recipient. In addition, VPNs hide your web activity from a third party appointing an IP address of the VPN server you are connected.

6. Secure your gadgets with enciphering

Download basic encrypting apps for all your devices from the web that makes all stored info impossible to remove for thieves.

7. Protect your phone conversation from bugging

For this reason, install specially designed programs that monitor and memorize all base stations, besides inform you about any suspicious case including change of position or signal’s loss

8. Disable ads

In order not to be scammed, install ads blocker to your devices and upgrade software in proper time, because any ads banner can jeopardize your privacy and security.

9. Create strong passwords

An advice to design strong unique passwords for all your personal account has appeared on bestvpnrating.com more than once. This time, Snowden highly recommends to utilize a set of upper and lower case letters, digits, punctuation marks while creating security keywords.

Complying 9 advice from Edward Snowden, you will be protected from spying and compromising from malicious hackers or even governments.

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