87% users chose anonymity on the Internet

Last updated: August 12, 2016

users chose anonymity on the internetAccording to the opinion poll held by company ESET, 87% users prefer not showing the identity. On the whole 700 readers of IT portal were questioned.

For the question “Is anonymity your main point on the Internet?” there are different answers. 87% users reply in the affirmative while 13% answer there are nothing to hide.

People who are interested in anonymity share the ways how to protect the personal data.

At the same time 85% users do not provide their private information on the Internet that allows staying secure enough while browsing.

Based upon the feedbacks, users prefer combining individual censor and technical means. For instance, 38% respondents install web extension that helps to block the ads and tracking systems that are used for the company’s purpose.

Such services as Tor, VPN and proxy are used by 35% as it is considered to be one of the great means for providing security and anonymity.

34% use privacy settings, 32% choose only messengers with encryption support.

The exceptional answers are using anonymous internet search engine by 12% and temporary postal services by 8%.

ESET suggests controlling posted content, updating privacy settings on a regular basis, deleting dated mails and using complicated passwords.