5 Ways a VPN will make your Internet more secure

Last updated: May 14, 2018

5 Ways a VPN will make your Internet more secureMass amount of useful information is offered on the internet today. It has become an integral part of business and personal affairs. Video calls and chats have made our cooperation easier as today we can manage even web conferences without a necessity to go outside the country. But from a different angle the internet expose our networks to multiple risks. Here are just some of the threats you may face while being online:


Different applications can be attacked by these programs that are designed in such a way that they are able to copy themselves and propagate over the network. There are various types of them some of which can be activated by downloading unchecked files from the internet, by copying files from servers and opening infected email letters. 


Any types of means can be used to inject worms into a network. It can be an email attachment or a USB stick. All email addresses from your list are the main aim of a ‘wormed’ device. The emails can be received from your trusted addressees, as they might have been already infected by the threat.


You won’t believe it but the kind of threat can firstly appear harmless and even useful. The main function of the threat is to make your system unprotected, which can enable hackers to steal vulnerable information from your computer.


This kind of threat can be installed on your system in one click by following a pop-up ads or opening an unchecked email. But what is more dangerous is that your private signature can be reset, your keystrokes can be monitored, scanned and any of your files can be deleted, so that even your hard drive can be reformatted. All the data is directly streamed to an adversary who spies your system.


Ads in the form of pop-ups are launched by the infection. It can make your online activities being easily tracked back to you.


Unwanted emails are called spams. More than 50% of all the emails are spams. Although it is not a direct kind of threat, different infections can be attached to such letters to make your system vulnerable.

5 Ways a VPN will make your Internet more secureThese are just the most spread examples of online threats on the internet today. For you to avoid at least some of them anti-virus programs should be updated as frequently as it is offered by the company. Besides, all your programs software and apps should be up-to-date versions of the programs, as the developers are aimed at securing your network and their outputs from multiple online threats. But there is one more technology that will make your network even more protected, which is called a VPN. And there are at least 5 ways a high-quality VPN will make your network more secure:

#1 the best VPN service is to provide you with a large variety of server locations from its own park. While connecting to the internet through one of the servers your true address is changed into one of the server. For example, provided that you have to go to China for a business trip and you know that such app as Skype is blocked there you can choose a server located in your country, for instance the US, and run your ‘home’ network while being abroad. Besides, all the web resources, services, apps and sites can be unlocked and accessed by you with the possibility to choose your ‘nationality’.

#2 the best VPN creates a secure tunneling between your device and a VPN server you choose. The channel is designed with the help of up-to-date protocols, which are to encrypt all your traffic passing through the channel. After all your traffic has been encrypted it becomes locked, inaccessible, and unreadable for any adversary trying to get a look into your private affairs. All your photos, documents and sensitive online correspondence are under a strong protection of reliable protocols.

#3 the best VPN accepts different payment methods including crypto-currency, which is stated by numerous experts as the most anonymous way for subscribing to the service. Also, a reliable VPN will ask you for the most essential data, such as your email or a telegram address and a new username. If a VPN provider asks for some more data, you should be cautious about the confidential information you put online.  

5 Ways a VPN will make your Internet more secure#4 most up-to-date VPNs provide a built-in kill switch, which breaks your established internet connection, provided that your internet connection or connection with a VPN server has been broken.

#5 the best VPNs store no logging or metadata, which increases your online anonymity, as this information can’t be passed to any parties interested in your online activities. What is also important is that the best VPNs are aimed at enhancing their service and making it better for their clients.

Your internet connection can be made better in multiple ways and these five examples are just the most essential enhancements you will achieve after applying a high-quality VPN for your connected device. Just remember that the best VPN should perform several essential characteristics, such as:

  • a vast variety of server locations, so that you are to be free from geographical boarders and able to choose any virtual location you wish;
  • strong encryption protocols, so that all your generated and downloaded traffic to be thoroughly protected from unauthorized access;
  • unlimited bandwidth and speed performance, so that you are able to watch any streaming media in a high quality without any hits or interruptions;
  • trial version or money-back guarantee, so that you are able to test the service before subscribing for it and to return your paid money in case you are dissatisfied with the service operation;
  • support of different payment methods, so that you are able to choose the most appropriate one or pay with crypto-currency, like bitcoin, and stay more anonymous online ;
  • 24/7 professional technical group assistance, so that you are to receive a professional assistance any time you need it.

Provided that all these features are presented by a VPN you choose, the VPN will make your internet securer in more than these five ways.