5 true reasons why to use your router via VPN

Last updated: May 14, 2018

The issue of cybersecurity and privacy is of vital discussion as it concerns not only those users that take advantage of personal computers, smartphones, tablets or devices, but routers are susceptible as well.

According to the data that leaked to the network, the CIA is able to hack the users’ routers with the help of some specially created instruments. CherryBlossom is a kind of software that helps the attacker to intercept the internet connection (such network attacks are called man-in-the-middle ones). It should be noted that some routers can be interfered with without even physical accessing to it.

Intervention into the work of routers has been proceeding for years

CherryBlossom software has been compromised routers for a certain period of time. As the official version reports, about 25 model of routers turned to be vulnerable to its attacks. Nevertheless, specialists confirm that there can be even more of them with minor affects. Such brands as Netgear, Motorola, Asus, Intel, Cisco and others have been interfered into.

That is why every user is responsible for his or her privacy. They should know that the traffic which is not codified can be compromised with ease. A good decision will be to use a VPN app for these purposes. Why?

Take into consideration this:

5 reasons why to connect your router via Virtual Private Network

  1. Since your traffic is encrypted, you have fewer chances to be hacked. Reliable VPN providers usually apply various strong data encrypting protocols, among which OpenVPN is of greater importance.
  2. You stay anonymous as your real IP address is faked into the one that is suggested by the VPN provider. ISPs are not aware of you doing this or that online activity.
  3. Most of VPN providers offer optional goodies for protection, for instance, DNS leak protection or kill switch.
  4. As the internet traffic is encrypted, you may feel private, because no one can observe your online performance.
  5. Almost all the modern VPN providers that offer subscription for their services ensure their customers with ultra-fast internet connections. You don’t need to worry about slow Internet.