5 tips for keeping ECM free from danger

Last updated: May 14, 2018

Content is believed to be one of the most beneficial properties that any enterprise can possess. It is involved into every stage of business making, whether it is the process of communication with a customer or making strategic decisions. Enterprises have to store plenty of content using various formats, but at the same time they are obliged to perform that in a compliant and safe way.

It was studied that 95% of enterprises have more than one content management system. On the back of this it is pretty difficult to search for the necessary data in these systems which may possibly lead to risks in safe usage of traditional enterprise content management. Besides, ECM is becoming less flexible and stops the progress of modern systems and technologies.

It should be noted that nowadays sharing information with outside agencies is widely-spread. According to the report of Forrester Consulting there comes necessity for strong securing customer and enterprise information. Having studied the issue, they found out that businessmen meet the following problems when sharing the data with outside agencies. On the one hand, they need to achieve security in giving the access to the data. On the other hand, they must follow regulatory requirements. The issue is what is to do for making the ECM free from danger.

How to make ECM safer?

Well, are there any possible solutions for keeping ECM more secure? What are they? Here you can find some useful tips for it.

1. Work in cooperation with technologies.

Bear in mind that information technologies are not responsible for decisions, they help to provide the information on which one should base them. Besides, technologies can decrease the time of decision making as one does not have to waste too much time for searching the necessary data.

2.  Search for process-specialized content services architectures.

Choose those platforms that help to improve the competence of ECM. 

3. Apply the architectures with detailed policy of content managing.

Check the details of deleting and archiving the content or some other points concerning the issue.

4. Choose content services with open access to the content.

It is pretty essential for the users to have contextual access to the data as it makes business more effective.

5. Defend your system with a VPN.

It is vital to secure the content from unexpected inspection or intercepting of data. A VPN is able to provide a stable defense by encrypting the content transferred via the network, consequently the system can stay unattainable for cyber dangers.

Now you know how to make ECM free from web dangers. Keep it up!