5 simple hacks that will change the way you do shopping online

Last updated: July 16, 2017

Millions of people hit the online shops in search of things they need. It is pretty convenient as you can make purchases without living home. Nevertheless, online shoppers are vulnerable to cyber threats on the network. There are plenty of malicious frauds queering for their credentials.

Not that long ago pernicious Magecart JavaScript code attacked a huge number of online shops for intercepting payment card data of their customers. Firstly, Magecart mainly damaged shopping cart soft of such platforms as Magento, Powerfront, and OpenCart. You may be wondering:

When the attackers got access to the site, they simply modified the websites source code on order to build in the harmful scenario. This gives them opportunities to steal customers’ credentials.

These cyber frauds are longing to grab any personal and financial info which they are planning to use it for their benefits. Recently RiskIQ and ClearSky researchers have found out one more way they take advantage of the stolen data. They are constantly monitoring the situation and have revealed some interesting facts. Want to know the best part?

There is a certain link between these threats and a physical reshipping company operating with mules in the US. For instance, the following domain uslogisticexpress.com was masked as the logistics provider website, but it belonged to a re-shipping agency.

There are a lot of other examples which show that it is necessary to enforce the defense for your payment cards. How can you protect credit cards against frauds online? What should you know about them?

Here you can read about top 5 simple hacks to keep credentials free from cyber thefts:

#1 Secure VPN connection

First and foremost, take care about online security by connecting to the Internet through Virtual Private Network. Your personal data will pass via the tunnel, where it is always codified with reliable encrypting protocols.

#2 Visit secure and reliable websites

In case you suspect the website to be malicious or you know that it can be harmful for you, do not use your credit card information for online shopping there.

#3 Prepaid cards for online transactions

It is very advantageous for online shopping. Why? If your credentials are compromised, it has a restriction on the money amount for taking from it.

#4 Additional security levels for credit cards

Certain credit cards may have an added layer of security. For instance, it can be a private code which you enter every time you make a transaction on a supported website.

#5 Turn on your browser settings

Turn off autocomplete settings in your browser in order avoid your credit card or personal information storage.

What’s the bottom line?

Be careful when you do shopping online! Follow the tips above for protecting your payment cards! Have a nice day!