5 reasons why you should use paid VPN

Last updated: November 04, 2017

5 reasons why you should use paid VPN There’s an interminable controversy between free and paid VPN. The followers of the free version consider free VPN provides the same opportunity as paid version without paying. Those who choose the second one can’t agree with the statement as they know exactly that free version does not work at full capacity.

As we can suppose, you have questions like “Is there any differences between them? Which one should I choose?”. If it’s true, we’re going to explain you the benefits of paid VPN.

  1. Your computer may be used for serving other bandwidth while connecting to VPN. Since your processors are used by someone else, you connection speed slows down as well. Moreover, you may incur liability if your computer is used for criminal activity.
  2. Some companies are considered to be dishonest, as they can collect you data including browsing history, things you buy online, apps usage. It’s necessary for selling the data to the companies for the purpose of advertising.
  3. Your VPN code can be modified by the providers for showing ads. As you’re monitored, you’re targeted by the ads according to your browsing. Besides, the code can be similar to malware. In this case, the code or malware should be removed doing the full wipe.
  4. Some companies provide free VPN for having access to your private information. Firstly you’re monitored, then user accounts and bank information can be used by dingy companies.
  5. If the provider has many servers, it means more opportunities for users it provides. For example, living in Europe you want to access to American sites. If your provider has the server in the US, you may browse the sites easily bypassing any restrictions. The providers which do not have a lot of servers cut down the opportunities.