5 News Items You Might Have Missed – October, 2017

Last updated: April 13, 2018

This October on bestvpnrating.com has been ‘’hot’’, but it happened not due to the outside weather.

In case you have missed reading all the news items of the month, you have the chance to make up for lost time. Here you’ll find all the key facts and headlines published on bestvpnrating.com in October.

This month has started the review of the breaking survey published on the network. According to it, there might be another target for hacking attacks which might become relatively new and surprising. Want to know the best part of the news? Read more in our post which is here.

The most breaking news of this October is considered to be the one about Pure VPN. As it has been reported FBI found a cyberstalker via Pure VPN providers that assisted them in the process of investigation. The FBI managed to match the data connections and find out that the internet connecting was performed through one of the servers belonged to Pure VPN. if you get interested and want to know how the VPN provider explained its assistance to the FBI, read our related article on the topic.

WI-FI networks are always targeted by cyber attackers. This time, netizens should be concerned about the weak spot of popular Wi-Fi protocol found by crackers. Unfortunately, this fact lets hackers to interfere into online activity via Wi-Fi networks.

While Open VPN has been blocked in Egypt, there are still several hacks that would work in Egypt. Find more about them here.

Finally, you might have missed our recent post with the best VPN offers for this Halloween. Be sure that you know about them.

As you can see, it is dead important to take precautions for being protected online. A VPN service will be helpful enough if you want to be secure, private and anonymous on the network. We are glad to present you 7 Best VPNs in October, 2017: