5 features you should pay attention choosing VPN

Last updated: August 19, 2016

features you should pay attention choosing VPN These days everybody concerns about privacy and security. In spite of the fact that the law guarantees us the right to security of person it doesn’t mean the law is executed implicitly. Consequently Internet users prefer using any and all means of protection including proven services and handmade devices. But why should you reinvent the wheel when there’s a great service called VPN?

On the one hand, VPN is considered to be a sort of shield between a user and cyberspace protecting you from being hacked. One the other hand, it is a service allowing to bypass all kind of restrictions enhancing your security level. By any reckoning VPN brings only benefits providing all the opportunity the modern user needs. In this case the only problem you can face is how to choose the best VPN service. Let’s get into the nuts and bolts!


1. Protocol

When you’re looking for VPN you may see terms like L2TP, PPTP, SSL/TLS and IPsec that mean the types of protocol. All the protocols provide a secure connection. But the commonly used is SSL which can be also called OpenVPN support. Moreover, you should know that sometimes protocols can be vulnerable. But you don’t need to worry about it, as it is an off-chance the protocol is hacked.


2. Location

It is necessary to consider the service’s location, as it influences its operation. First of all you should define the purpose of using VPN. If you want to come round location restrictions, you should be definitely confident that there’s a server in the country the restrictions of which you want to bypass. For example, living in Denmark you want to watch American TV. In this case the server located in the US provides you an opportunity to enjoy American TV shows.


3. Logging

features you should pay attention choosing vpnConnecting to VPN you confide it you private data. Your communications are supposed to be protected from eavesdropping, but the other personal data may be logged if it is necessary. For avoiding such situations you should find out your provider’s policy before using it.


4. Anti-virus features

Some VPN services provide extra protection for their users called anti-malware scanners. It allows checking your system and defining whether you’ve downloaded viruses or not. The system is most suitable for those who travel a lot and use public

Wi-Fi hotspots. As you know, public networks are supposed to be a trap for inattentive users that can bring benefits for hackers.


5. Mobile applications

Spending money for VPN make sure that the service is available for any devices and operating systems. It can broaden the possibilities protecting all your devices. Otherwise, you will have to pay for different services.


It is high time to choose the most appropriate VPN for yourself focusing on the most relevant features mentioned above. Besides, do not forget to think about the price. The most convenient way is to read the rating where there are 100 VPN services you can arrange according to the price. It can help to save your time and money as well!