450 Android vulnerability reports to the value of $1.5 mil

June 13, 2017

It has become clear that Android Rewards, which was launched two years ago, has already performed some indispensable results. It should be recalled that the program developed by Google was released through Google Play.

It is said that more than 450 vulnerability reports have been eventually received. Besides, all the researchers have been rewarded over $1.5 million in bulk. The second year of Android exposures research has been marked with the final reports on inability of the competitors to single out a complete remote exploit chain.

According to the diagram below, you can see the users’ average number is too high, which attracts more and more hackers to commit new attacks against the system.

450 Android vulnerability reports to the value of $1.5 mil

Therefore, Android developer does everything possible to improve the system’s average security scores and cut all-new smashing vulnerabilities:

450 Android vulnerability reports to the value of $1.5 mil

So, while Android OS is being constantly improved by the developer, Android Security Rewards is being also continually enhanced by the creators. So, if you are interested in participation, you need to take into account several critical novelties implemented into the process.

All the discovered vulnerabilities are stated to be transferred to the manufacturer for further fixing. Thus, during the latest two months the system’s developers are known to have dealt with:

450 Android vulnerability reports to the value of $1.5 mil

While being a tech-savvy customer or security expert you have a chance to participate in the project, whereas being an average user you have to do everything possible to protect your Android-based devices against any uncontrolled interference into your privacy.

At this stage the most reliable way is to apply the best VPN for Android for your system. The private network is to allow for a top-notch control over message interceptions, VoIP monitoring, personal data leaks, eavesdropping through device’s microphone, etc. Having created a safe tunneling between your connected device and a VPN service all the ‘unknown’ traffic, like malicious codes, won’t be allowed for your NAT. Therefore, while staying up-to-date on all the latest security risks you should think over the measure of your system’s defense. 

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