14 eyes country

Last updated: January 03, 2018

Being a technologically advanced user you might have heard about ‘14 eyes’ country, so the theme is going to be revealed in great details here as the understanding of the term as something bad is not enough for an advanced customer.




The US, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia.

This is the UKUSA Agreement, which is dedicated to collecting, analyzing, and sharing data between two states. The countries follow an additional agreement not to spy on each other, but the statement has been multiply disproved.  

Five Eyes + Denmark, France, Holland, Norway.

Some more countries have been added to become part of the network.

Nine Eyes + Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Spain.

The network has been fatherly extended to fourteen states. They are known to be officially called Senior Europe. Military signal intelligence is stated to be exchanged between these countries. 

14 eyes countryIt is extremely important for any user to subscribe for a VPN service that is not situated in these countries. The reason lies in the fact that governments of these countries can go to VPN providers and ask for access to any customer data in obedience to the law. And what is even more essential the providers can be forced not to inform their customers about the data transfer.

Fortunately, there are plenty of reliable VPNs located outside these states. Therefore, it’s so important to make inquires about VPN’s location before subscribing to it. Practically all the best VPNs presented for your attention provide 24/7 support from where you can learn about their official placement. 

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