10 Jaw-Dropping Examples of How the NSA Is Spitting on Your Civil Rights Online!

Last updated: January 17, 2017

10 Jaw-Dropping Examples of How the NSA Is Spitting on Your Civil Rights Online!It’s an open fact that the National Security Agency violates civil rights bypassing constitutional laws and amendments. The modern American history is full of striking examples of the NSA misdemeanors from local internet surveillance to spaying in global scale. But what is more, no one can stand against the NSA’s illegal actions and call the organization to order.      

Taking into consideration info mentioned above, get acquainted with the top 10 most memorable examples of how the NSA violates American’s civil rights.

  1. Over the past decade users have forgotten about the real value of personal privacy and online anonymity. It’s all the fault of the NSA evading laws and exercising discretion that was proved by the former NSA’s agent Edward Snowden. He provoked secret documents leakage have uncovered numerous NSA spy operations including malware infection and spy equipment installation.
  2. The most notable example is violating of the Fourth Amendment by monitoring communication info from millions of citizens. The NSA collects all personal electronic records from phone call to all internet traffic. There is evidence that this method is effective, but at the same time the government has its reputation exploded. Therefore, the question is it worth it?
  3. As it turned out, the NSA not only tracks users’ internet activity, but collects all obtained info in security-guarded archives. The Agency is allowed to store this info because of the technical difficulties in dividing foreign communication from local when large data volume is occupied.
  4. What is more, the NSA is given a free hand to use the intercepted info in investigative issues if it contains evidence of a crime. The NSA also provides its recorded info to the FBI, especially when the Federal Bureau requests it.
  5. The NSA surveillance programs do not include users’ notification. In other words, people whose data is being monitored do not suspect of communication tracking. Moreover, they do not have legal representation to defend their privacy.
  6. Another evidence of the NSA civil rights online violating is a possibility to gather the info collected by the major network companies, such as Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Verizon etc. These organizations track users’ online activity, create extensive databases, materials of which can be provided to the government immediately upon the request that jeopardizes free expression, privacy and the public interests.
  7. There is a believable suspicion that the NSA sees after web users’ daily life using web cameras installed in the devices connected to the global net. In such a way, users can watch films online or chat with relatives while being monitored by the Agency. What is more, your personal nude photos can fall into the hands of the agents and be downloaded into the global network and open to the overall overview.
  8. If you do not live in the USA and think that the NSA has no access to your metadata, you are grossly mistaken. As the EU example shows, the U.S. has the ability to observe and record the communication
  9.  of all world’s population. What is more, the British GCHQ has a similar surveillance program and exchanges metadata with the NSA.
  10. Current surveillance programs damage the integrity of communication system by sabotaging security systems. In such a manner, the NSA utilizes various encryption techniques, installs surveillance backdoors in communication technologies pursuing its aim.
  11. The NSA surveillance program draws specific attention to the Muslim internet surfers tracking their communication and browsing history. It stands to reason that the government is targeted to prevent any attempt planning and committing a crime against the civilian population. Nevertheless, the NSA not only violates their internet freedom rights, but also sets peaceful religious to furious and terrible extremists.

Seeing these 10 jaw-dropping examples of the NSA privacy rights violating, you can understand why the Americans try to modify the legislation and call the NSA to order. But at the same time on the benefit side, the NSA gives support to counterterrorism policy focusing on particular individuals who can constitute a menace according to its opinion. Utilizing modern surveillance tools the NSA can identify a criminal, catch him thereby eliminating a threat and saving hundreds or even thousands of innocent lives.

10 Jaw-Dropping Examples of How the NSA Is Spitting on Your Civil Rights Online!In order to protect online privacy from violation, the US government needs to strengthen privacy protections for Americans and other foreign web users, develop clear policies about secret malware installation on a computing machine or network and restore trust encryption systems and standards.

But needed measures have not been implemented yet, so web community needs to undertake some protective techniques.

One of the best defenses against the NSA surveillance is to be served by the internet companies which store user info in servers located outside the USA. Unfortunately, this method is not foolproof because governments have many ways pressing companies to cooperate and exchange the data. The US Internet companies currently aim to locate servers in foreign countries and transfer info about their customers abroad to save the company’s reputation and clientage.

If you want to ensure your personal data protection against the NSA surveillance,  use some extra security programs, such as Tor or VPN service being the most recommendable one. VPNs create secure and encrypted tunnel through which all you traffic is transported and stays inaccessible for a third party. In order to escape the NSA surveillance, subscribe for a VPN which provides multiple servers around the globe. This way, even if your VPN provider records your internet activity, it is stored beyond the NSA competence and will never come to their hand.

When you subscribe for a VPN service you can never be 100% sure whether your online activity is protected or not. This is why you need to choose a VPN with strongest encryption protocols and some additional features, such as a warrant canary.

So, there is no doubt that the NSA keeps a wary eye on all the internet community, stores and utilizes metadata for personal uses. If you do not accept this challenge – subscribe for a reliable VPN service guaranteeing you a high level of privacy and security.