Why to use BitTorrent anonymously?

November 04, 2017

Downloading as well as uploading of any type of content via the Internet gains popularity day by day. One may face a huge variety of torrents within the network. This new technology is here to help to fulfill such tasks at one click.

BitTorrent is among the most attractive and frequently used clients. It is famous for its reliability, as BitTorrent makes its users at the same rate anonymous. The user’s confidentiality is really vital in this question, as in some unexpected cases sending and receiving  torrent files via the Internet may lead to the problems with the authorities because of copyrighted products. Still, BitTorrent does its best providing more than 170 million people with excellent content 24/7.

How does Bittorrent technology work?


To make it clear, imagine you have bought a new piece of furniture (for example a chair) and you want to deliver it to your home as quick as possible.

What will you do? For sure, it is necessary to take it to pieces. In this case, you don’t need any delivery company and pay extra money.The same is about data transferring via BitTorrent.The file is divided into several smaller files and then you will download it with a high speed.

About BitTorrent in brief:

  • Confidentiality.

According to BitTorrent Privacy Policy, it is declared that users’ rights for confidentiality are respected. This allows them to evade information leak. BitTorrent appliance uses bittorrent protocol to download and upload data. This type of file-sharing protocols is pretty reliable because it makes DNS leak rather difficult.

  • A wide range of files.

On a regular basic BitTorrent deals with approximately 40% of the Internet traffic transferring around the globe. These figures point out that BitTorrent is a trustworthy client and as a result a lot of information is shared vie this app.

  • Available on multiple platforms.

- Windows;

- Mac;

- Android.

  • A special built-in antivirus.

BitTorrent users benefit from this facility a lot, as it allows to get rid of pop-ups. Besides, it doesn’t restrict your speed on the Internet.

  • File converter.

Being at home or in the open, one would like to enjoy favourite movies or songs. Now it is possible wherever you are, as specially developed file converter gives you freedom to appreciate whatever you like on various devices.

How can I download BitTorrent client?

We have already mentioned that BitTorrent is available for Windows, Mac and Android. Let’s find how you are able to get the client on your computer or mobile phone. Here you can read in brief about the possible ways.

 BitTorrent for Windows:

If you need the torrent client for Windows OS, two options are offered: to buy BitTorrent Pro by clicking ‘’Buy BitTorrent Pro’’ or get a free version by a direct downloading link on the website. The free BitTorrent version is accessible in English, but in case you are going to use it in other languages, download and install languages pack as well. The pack is freely available for downloading on the same webpage.


BitTorrent for Mac:

Mac users can also easily get BitTorrent app by a few simple steps. They just should visit the webpage for downloading BitTorrent apps for Macs and click ‘’Download Now’’. As Windows version is available in the English (US) language, BitTorrent app for Mac OS is with the interface in English. One may set up the language pack, to access the app in other languages as well.


BitTorrent for Android:

Those who want to install BitTorrent on an Android smartphone or tablet can get it on Google Play for free. BitTorrent Pro version which is ads-free can be also bought on Google Play.


Why should I use BitTorrent anonymously?

If you have our beginner’s guide to torrenting, you know now that IP addresses of all the peers sharing torrents can be easily viewed by the rest of torrent users, what is really worse is that they can be compromised by third parties. And this is only one of the reasons why one should use torrent clients, including BitTorrent in an anonymous way.

Firstly, it is malware and viruses that can damage you computer. Having downloaded a malicious file, one can impose the computer to virus attacks that lead to troubles with computer systems or even worse.

Secondly, it is your sensitive data safety. This is of special importance for those who get used to keeping passwords and other sorts of private data in torrent folders that might be cracked and misused by third-party agencies. It may happen as the peers get access to those folders when they share torrent files.

Fourthly, torrent users can also be traced by online hackers. They collect the IP addresses of torrent peers and look for the susceptible one.

At last, it is an undesired trouble with the law. Downloading illegal content, the person is susceptible to be caught and suspected of copyright infringement. A lot of countries have developed severe enough laws related to it. People can be fined or even arrested.

Torrenting with the Onion Router

Among methods to reach anonymity on the network is Tor. The Onion Router is used to encrypt the transferring via the Internet data, consequently, the process of downloading will be hidden from the competent bodies and a user will not be fined. Those who have chosen the Onion Router for torrenting by means of BitTorrent client will benefit from a reliable data encryption, as the connection goes through 3 and more volunteer servers. Tor technology makes its clients’ IPs almost non-traceable, which is definitely advantageous for BitTorrent users. The greatest bonus of the Onion Router is that it doesn’t require the process of installation on a device and it is absolutely free.


Nevertheless, such principle of operation is not without weaknesses. While using Tor, the speed of web pages loading is low. Applicability of some resources’ functions is restricted and it is impossible for Tor users to look through flesh content. These weak points make it difficult to provide anonymity of computer users, which is so vital for BitTorrent consumers.

It is considered that a high level of security with Tor can be achieved when it is properly used. However, there were certain cases when the Tor Project underwent risks even from the direction of its employees. A famous example of such activity was Matthew Edman, who worked in the Tor Project team and helped FBI to spy on Tor users. Thus, it is better to study some other ways for a safe torrenting be means of BitTorrent client.

4 simple hacks to make your BitTorrent anonymous.

Nobody says that BitTorrent app makes you absolute anonymous in the Internet environment. It only gives the access to the desired content. In this connection, a user should initiate efforts that will help him or her to reach a high level of anonymity.

Choose log- free VPNs.

It is well-known that even the most popular Virtual Private Networks keep logs. That is why it will be a child’s play for ISP to determine your IP and identify your personality. One of the best VPN providers would be the one with its high data transferring rate. Even temporary logs should be deleted on a regular basic.

Secure Proxy Service

Certainly, a proxy service makes the work of BitTorrent safer, but still you may undergo stress connected with lack of confidentiality. Thus, it is strongly recommended to use proxy services without logs.

DNS leak protection.

DNS leak is dangerous as your IP will become identified even in case of VPN use. Thus, one needs to look for this additional feature in VPN services.


It is known as a special server applied only for torrent-sharing. In addition to the fact that Seedbox allows torrent peer to upload and download files at highly fast speeds, users’ IP addresses are not open to the public.


Pros and Cons of BitTorrent


Advantages Disadvantages
+ Super speed (in case of data sharing) – It doesn’t make you absolutely anonymous
+ High level of confidentiality –Platforms are limited
+ Direct downloading on any device  
+ Add-free  
+ Antivirus

Clients of BitTorrent

BitTorrent provides its users with four clients: BitTorrent Pro, BitTorrent Ad-free, BitTorrent Free and BitTorrent Remote. First three differ in their facilities given in the table below.

  BitTorrent Pro BitTorrent Ad‑free BitTorrent Free
Free $19.95 a year $4.95 a year +
High speed + + +
Built-in antivirus + - -
Built-in convert system + - -
Add-free + + -

The forth client is BitTorrent Remote, which is not compared to the previous three, because it differs with them in functions. BitTorrent Remote is a client, that lets enjoy all the beauty of unlimited down- and uploading.

If one already has BitTorrent account, it is advisable to use BitTorrent Remote. This appliance makes it easy to download files on your home computer at a distance. Thus, it serves you as a remote control between your home computer and your portable device like a tablet or a phone.

To use or not to use?

BitTorrent is a good choice for those who appreciate comfort in transferring data. With no doubt, it is worth using because of its user-friendly service, unlimited speed and confidentiality. Apart from all possible characteristics of a reliable torrent client, BitTorrent is available in three versions (two of them are paid, one is free).BitTorrent will definitely give you the chance to enjoy unlimited data transferring.


All in all, we hope the article is somehow helpful for you. If you have read it up to the end, you know now what BitTorrent is and how to use it anonymously for torrenting.

If you still have any questions, remarks or suggestions, let us know and we will provide feedback within the shortest possible period of time. We’ll be glad to hear from you! Thanks for following us!