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BitLord: Up-to-date Torrent Downloader Expands the Horizons of Torrenting

David Balaban
David Balaban
Last updated: 21/12/2018

You never know when you are caught!

Torrent anonymously with a super-fast VPN and avoid fines from copyright holders!


Although it’s very easy to use torrentsData exchange online is an integral part of internet activity for the majority of modern users. It doesn’t matter, what exactly you are looking for: music or video, software or games, or something else. All these files are publicly available for you on the Internet. 

We strongly recommend you to use a reliable VPN with torrent trackers to protect your personal data and stay anonymous:

  1. ExpressVPN Top!!! Great VPN to use with Bitlord, it will guarantee anonymity and safety while downloading files.
  2. NordVPN is a highly reliable and fast provider for Bitlord offering military-grade encryption.
  3. CyberGhost supports highest speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and traffic.
  4. IPVanish is one of the most reliable providers in 2019 offering unlimited P2P traffic and 24/7 customer support.
  5. VyprVPN will provide you with security and anonymity while using the Bitlord client. 

As the UK website Express reports, 1019 cases concerned with P2P took place in 2017 in the USA only. Their number has increased in 2018 dramatically. Thus, it becomes more difficult to use torrent clients like BitLord these days.

However, there will be little difficulty in downloading torrents if you read this article thoroughly.

Well, the following will be highlighted:

About torrenting in brief

It seems to be very easy to download everything. But we encounter a lot of obstacles, as there are people who want to make money on your will. Thus, you may face the situation when it is proposed to pay for downloading. However, there is a method that helps to avoid these problems. And it is called torrenting.

Although it’s very easy to use torrents, still the majority of new torrent users are confused by an unknown name. But everything is not scaring at all in reality.

Torrenting represents a huge system of file-sharing among users. And this system can’t function without a reliable and stable torrent client, which is used to download torrent files.

BitLord is alongside with the best torrent downloaders Tixati, BitComet and Deluge

What is BitLord client?

A wonderful torrent downloader BitLord was launched in the year of 2004 under the motto ‘The easiest torrent downloader’. And in the course of time, the torrent downloader corroborated this idea. BitLord is really easy to use. What is more, the downloader is up for even non-technical users.

Status free 
Release date December 2004
Latest update June 25, 2016 (for MacOS), February 13, 2017 (for Android OS)
Version 2.4.4 and 2.4.5 accordingly
Operating system Mac and Windows
Interface languages 1 – English
Official website bitlord.com

BitLord torrent downloader is famous among torrent lovers for its notable facilities:


With the top torrent downloader BitLord, you will find material of any type within minutes. No extra search engines are required.

In such a way, BitLord can be called a rather independent downloader. Music, movies, soft, books, and many other useful torrent files one will find through this client.



Pedantic people will evaluate the function of playlists order. Every single file will take appropriate position. It will be easy both to find the downloaded torrent file and replace it according to proper characteristics (time, duration, type of file, etc). Everything will be in the right place.



A built-in media player is a great helper for torrent users. You won’t have to get upset after downloading a poor quality movie. With BitLord torrent client, it’s possible to estimate the quality of the video during the process of its downloading. Isn’t it great? For sure, it is.


activebitlordBitLord users are the most active ones! It’s not just a compliment. The possibility to comment downloaded files helps seeders to make the right choice BEFORE the process of downloading starts. Thus, you won’t waste your time in vain. Spend a minute or two to look through the comments, and you’ll be 100% sure whether to torrent file or not.


startsbitlordGreat news for Apple TV holders! The revolution in the sphere of torrent clients occurred when BitLord has presented its function of streaming downloaded files on Apple TV. It is undoubtedly the best way to watch downloaded movies, serials, and other videos.


videobitlordWith the best torrent downloader for Windows devices, you will get the opportunity to arrange the most liked downloads in one place. It’s very convenient, as all your likes will be easy to find. But wait! There are even more bonuses for BitLord users. Having downloaded torrents on Windows gadgets, it is possible to take use them in the places where there is no internet connection!


subtitlesbitlordStudy the languages by means of BitLord downloader! A new function of getting subtitles in any language is available for BitLord users. What can be more alluring than the possibility to combine entertaining and study? Perhaps, nothing but BitLord use.


How to use BitLord client?

Still don’t know, whether BitLord torrent client is worth using?

You will realize that the answer is YES when you know how to use it, as it is very simple and entertaining.

Visit BitLord website to download the torrenting program for your device.

When the best torrent downloader for Windows and Mac is installed on your device, you will be able to share files by means of peer-to-peer technology. From this very moment, you will become an active BitTorrent user. 

With BitLord you will:

➢ get access to the best torrent content;

➢ create your own playlists and orders;

➢ find out about torrent files before they are downloaded on your device;

➢ collect content in one place to access it any time from any place. 

Pros & Contras of BitLord client

In parallel with numerous BitLord advantages, there are some weak sides that can't help but have been covered.

Well, have a look at both and decide if you would like to use BitLord or not.


Advantages Disadvantages
+ absolutely free – changes settings without the user’s knowledge
+ requires very little space on the hard drive of a device – accused of being malware
+ protection by password – limited languages
+ subtitles function – available only on Mac and Windows gadgets
+ built-in search engine  
+ compatibility with Apple TV  
+ built-in media player  
+ capacity to create playlists  

Having studied the advantages of BitLord torrent client and its minuses, one may conclude, that there are some essential arguments to become BitLord consumer notwithstanding the lack of numerous interface languages and limited OS.

Moreover, the limited number of platforms proves the fact that this torrent client was created especially for Windows and Mac devices. Thus, their holders won’t find anything better than BitLord, as it is the best free torrent program for Windows and Mac. 

How to use BitLord anonymously?

Nowadays, it is extremely unsafe to torrent without any extra tools for self-protection.

First of all, let’s understand why we need security tools for torrenting.

Above all, it is connected with the ISP that follows every your action online. It knows what websites you visit, when, how often and so on.

Of course, it is unpleasant. But it’s the least of evil! What is more awful, it can make the process of downloading torrents very slow. Besides, it can make you pay for downloading.

Is it frightful? Then choose the most appropriate security tool for your online activity.


  bitlordtor bitlordproxy bitlordvpn
How does it work? When a man uses Tor, a user’s request runs through several nodes. Every next node encrypts the user’s IP and sees only the previous one. Thus, when the request reaches the website, it is impossible to identify the IP, and a user as well. Proxies are used to hide the IP of a client. The data are not encoded by means of a proxy server, but the intended website identifies the IP of a proxy server, but not a user’s one. A VPN provider encrypts not only your IP while torrenting, but all the traffic as well. That is why it’s possible to identify neither you nor the torrent files you download.

+ free

+ anonymity

+ easy to use

+ access to blocked websites

+ information protection

+ both user’s data and traffic encryption

+ access to the blocked content

+ good speed

+ log-free


– no traffic ciphering

– doesn’t work together with BitTorrent

– decreases speed

– selective protection

– known as dark technology

– prone to data leak

– not all the websites can be unblocked

– paid


What is the best way to unblock BitLord-friendly sites?

As you see, there are various ways to become more or less anonymous on the Internet. However, not all of the described tools would manage to unblock torrenting sites one might use for downloading files through BitLord client.

Beyond all questions, VPN software is the best tool to make use. Due to its beneficial functions, BitLord seeders will:

get access to numerous servers placed worldwide ( in its turn, such diverse network allows changing a real IP address into the one that belongs to the place where the tracker is not blocked);

♦ have an opportunity to become really anonymous online (all the traffic of a VPN provider is ciphered while passing through the secure tunnels to the targeted websites and services on the Internet);

♦ become non-trackable for the ISP (all the activity of a user becomes hidden from third parties including Internet Service Providers and therefore, it would not make the internet speed slower). 

And now it is the time to get yourself familiar with the best BitLord-friendly torrenting sites:

is definitely the #1 for seeders from any corner of the world

Kickass Torrents is definitely the #1 for seeders from any corner of the world. The number of unique visitors daily has broken through the figure of 100 500.

The interface of a tracker is very convenient even for a non-tech user.

Besides, the library of Kickass is awesome! 

Limetorrents is known as a great database of content for people all around the world.Limetorrents is known as a great database of content for people all around the world.

Although its main audience is the residents of the USA, China, India, and South Africa, in other countries Limetorrents.ss is popular as well.

With the library that contains more than 1 515 000 movies, it will be dead easy to find something to your liking. 

Seedpeer is one more outstanding torrenting site Seedpeer is one more outstanding torrenting site that is worth being used with BitLord client.

After visiting the site, it is required to choose one out of eight categories to find a necessary torrent to download.

It is very convenient to use Seedpeer, as all the information about the file is available.

BitLord proxy sites' peculiarities

Proxy sites can also be useful for BitLord seeders. In the event when one cannot open a tracker to search for torrents, there is a variant to use a proxy site.

It will not make torrent lovers anonymous, but it is possible to unblock sites by means of it.

Would you like to know about proxies' peculiar features?

Here they are:

  • IP hiding;
  • restrictions bypassing;
  • free usage. 

Is it safe to use BitLord?

Many netizens ask this question but cannot find the answer to it. In this section of the article, you will find it.

Do you use BitLord torrent downloader?

Perhaps, the answer is ‘yes’. Otherwise, you wouldn’t visit this page.

There are a lot of rumors and conjectures regarding the legality of BitLord's work. Being similar to other torrent clients, BitLord is only the platform for file-sharing.

BitLord may be compared to a room, where people exchange the things. Thus, the torrent downloader doesn’t bear relation to the files shared by means of it. Nevertheless, many organizations and individual fighters for copyrighted products accuse torrent downloaders of illegal activity.

Thus, in the year of 2014, the European Commission conducted a research and came to the conclusion that torrenting influences the interest on both online and offline distribution of music, films, books, and whatnot.

However, the findings were discredited as the figures weren’t presented to the audience and torrent sites and clients owners. 

Would you like to use BitLord safely?

It’s very easy. The only thing you are to do is to visit read our Hide My IP Guide and choose a VPN for your protection online while browsing the net. 

Why is it important to use BitLord anonymously?

If you’ve already visited the page with the best VPN services for torrenting, it means you are a cautious person. This character trait is really vital today, as the modern world is full of threats.

Downloading torrents the threat rises steeply. You may download the copyrighted file accidentally, and covert your life into absolute hell. Courts, fines, sentences, lawyers… All these words will be familiar to you.

Thus, to torrent via BitLord downloader, it is strongly recommended to hide your IP and encode the files you load. It is possible to do successfully by means of a VPN for torrenting. 

Prime BitLord alternatives to use

Are you about to stop using BitLord client?

Well, it is up to you to decide what torrent downloader to use.

Anyway, we have prepared for you the list of the best alternatives:

Would you like to add anything to the list of good BitLord alternatives? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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September 01, 2018 0 

Hi, guys, what proxies do you use for torrenting or is it better to choose a VPN? Now I'm very afraid of viruses and want to insure my data as well as my laptop.

September 04, 2018 0 

Hello there. Personally I use Private Internet Access. It is extremely friendly with torrent clients! Cannot say anything bad about it.

David Balaban
David Balaban
September 01, 2018 0 

Hello, Robyn. Thank you for asking. There are a lot of reliable VPNs on the market nowadays. We've noticed that many of our readers use Private Internet Access with torrenting. We should confirm that this VPN is trustworthy. Pay attention to a paid VPNs with clearly laid out Privacy Policy. If you're a technically advanced user, you can try proxies as well. However, be careful with them, they aren't always safe. Good luck!

August 18, 2018 0 

I don't understand why there are so many negative reviews about the tracker. I use bitlord old version and absolutely satisfied with this software. It has a built-in browser for searching torrents and it's possible to download or stream directly from it. I've never experienced any malware with this client!

August 22, 2018 0 

I can't but agree. BitLord is not so bad. Besides, you can always use a VPN to protect your device and data! I appreciate it for easy and friendly interface. Moreover, you can start streaming and watching videos without waiting till complete download. Nice program!

July 12, 2018 0 

Hello, folks. I'm a newbie to this topic so sorry for the question. Is there bitlord app for android? My PC have broken recently, so I have to use smart phone for all my purposes...

July 12, 2018 0 

Hi, Nail. AFAIK there is no any BitLord app for Android. But I can recommend you to check out bittorrent pro for android apk. It runs really well on my smartphone. You can find and download torrents directly to your phone. What I appreciate more is that this app is ad-free and has auto-shutdown features.

June 13, 2018 0 

I've just wanted to ask, is bitlord safe for Mac :D Now I don't think I will try it. Can anybody recommend Bitlord alternative without malware and viruses? ha-ha P.S. I don't know if it is important, but I mainly use TPB, KAT and Demonoid. Thank you!

June 20, 2018 0 

I'd recommend you uTorrent. I've used it for several years with a VPN and have never faced any problems! It is the only closed-source client allowed on private trackers. So many people use it worlwide! It is a pity but many of clients have a huge amount of ads and pop-ups.. So, I prefer to pay for uTorrent app. It is convenient to download games via this app. Tixati is also runs well, but not always works with private trackers. You can try Transmission as well.

June 20, 2018 0 

I like Transmission a lot, as any Mac user. Transmission is the simple, fast and looks like an official Apple app. They had issues with malware earlier. Luckily, they've resolved these problems. I think, this software is not popular enough because several options are hidden. It can scare people off. In fact, I use it with FrostWire and I like searching for the stuff directly on the application!

April 08, 2018 0 

I don't know why The Pirate Pay suggests to download bitlord client... I had an awful experience with it.. First, when I started installing it, a program which I didn't want instaled on my PC.. Then I noticed viruses on my desktop. No-no-no. I will never try this program again!

April 09, 2018 0 

Oh, I faced the same situation. I've downloaded bitlord 2.3.2 with numerous viruses and malware.. Moreover, bitlord even was not working! What a pity, I didn't know about a VPN before.. However, I won't risk to download it again. AFAIK, it is risky to search subs either, this can lead to numerous viruses on your computer :(