Up-to-date torrent downloader BitLord expands the horizons of torrenting

November 04, 2017

Data exchange online is an integral part of internet activity for the majority of modern users. It doesn’t matter, what exactly you are looking for: music or video, software or games, or something else. All these files are publicly available for you on the Internet.

It seems to be very easy to download everything. But we encounter a lot of obstacles, as there are people who want to make money on your will. Thus, you may face the situation when it is proposed to pay for downloading. However, there is a method that helps to avoid these problems. And it is called torrenting.

Although it’s very easy to use torrents, still the majority of new torrent users are confused by an unknown name. But everything is not scaring at all in reality.

Torrenting represents a huge system of file-sharing among users. And this system can’t function without a reliable and stable torrent client, which is used to download torrent files.

BitLord is alongside with the best torrent downloaders Tixati, BitComet and Deluge.


What is BitLord client?

A wonderful torrent downloader BitLord was launched in the year of 2004 under the motto ‘The easiest torrent downloader’. And in the course of time the torrent downloader corroborated this idea. BitLord is really easy to use. What is more, the downloader is up for even non-technical users.

Status free
Release date December 2004
Latest update June 25, 2016 (for MacOS), February 13, 2017 (for Android OS)
Version 2.4.4 and 2.4.5 accordingly 
Operating system Mac and Windows
Interface languages 1 – English
Official website www.bitlord.com 

BitLord torrent downloader is famous among torrent lovers for its notable facilities:

With the top torrent downloader BitLord, you will find material of any type within minutes. No extra search engines are required.


Pedantic people will evaluate the function of playlists order. Every single file will take appropriate position. It will be easy both to find the downloaded torrent file and replace it according to proper characteristics (time, duration, type of file, etc). Everything will be in the right place.



A built-in media player is a great helper for torrent users. You won’t have to get upset after downloading a poor quality movie. With BitLord torrent client, it’s possible to estimate the quality of the video during the process of its downloading. Isn’t it great? For sure, it is.


BitLord users are the most active ones! It’s not just a complement. The possibility to comment downloaded files helps seeders to make the right choice BEFORE the process of downloading starts. Thus, you won’t waste your time in vain. Spend a minute or two to look through the comments and you’ll be 100% sure whether to torrent file or not.


Great news for Apple TV holders! The revolution in the sphere of torrent clients occurred when BitLord presented its function of streaming downloaded files on Apple TV. It is undoubtedly the best way to watch downloaded movies, serials and other video.


With the best torrent downloader for Windows devices you will get the opportunity to arrange the most liked downloads in one place. It’s very convenient, as all your likes will be easy to find.


Study the languages by means of BitLord downloader! A new function of getting subtitles on any language is available for BitLord users. What can be more alluring than the possibility to combine entertaining and study? Perhaps, nothing but BitLord use.


How to use BitLord client?

Still don’t know, whether BitLord torrent client is worth using?

You will realize that the answer is positive when you know how to use it, s it is very simple and entertaining.

Visit BitLord website to download the torrenting program for your device.


When the best torrent downloader for Windows and Mac will be installed on your device, you will be able to share files by means of peer-to-peer technology. Since this very moment you will become an active BitTorrent user.


Pros & Contras of BitLord client

Advantages Disadvantages
+ absolutely free – changes settings without user’s knowledge
+ requires very little space on the hard drive of a device – accused of being malware
+ protection by password – limited languages
+ subtitles function – available only on Mac and Windows gadgets
+ built-in search engine  
+ compatibility with Apple TV  
+ built-in media player  
+ capacity to create playlists  

Having studied the advantages of BitLord torrent client and its minuses, one may conclude, that there are some essential arguments to become BitLord consumer notwithstanding the lack of numerous interface languages and limited OS.

Moreover, the limited number of platforms proves the fact that this torrent client was created especially for Windows and Mac devices. Thus, their holders won’t find anything better than BitLord, as it is the best free torrent program for Windows and Mac.

How to use BitLord anonymously?

Nowadays, it is extremely unsafe to torrent without any extra tools for self-protection.

First of all, let’s understand why we need security tools for torrenting.

]Above all, it is connected with the ISP that follows every your action online. It knows what websites you visit, when, how often and so on.

Of course, it is unpleasant. But it’s the least of evil! What is more awful, it can make the process of downloading torrents very slow. Besides, it can make you pay for downloading.

Is it frightful? Then choose the most appropriate security tool for your online activity.

  bitlordtor bitlordproxy bitlordvpn
How does it work? User’s request runs through several nodes. Every next node encrypts the user’s IP and sees only the previous one. Thus, when the request reaches the website, it is impossible to identify the IP, and a user as well. Proxies are used to hide the IP of a client. The data are not encoded by means of a proxy server, but the intended website identifies the IP of a proxy server, but not a user’s one A VPN provider encrypts not only your IP while torrenting, but all the traffic as well. That is why it’s possible to identify neither you nor the torrent files you download.

+ free

+ anonymity

+ easy to use

+ access to blocked websites

+ information protection

+ both user’s data and traffic encryption

+ access to the blocked content

+ good speed

+ log-free


– no traffic ciphering

– doesn’t work together with BitTorrent

– decreases speed

– selective protection

– known as dark technology

– prone to data leak

– not all the websites can be unblocked

– paid


If you have chosen a VPN as a security tool for your online activity, it is great! The best VPNs to use BitLord anonymously are described for you below: