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Nikolos Faslow
Last updated: 18/10/2018

A year or so ago certain changes related to torrenting took place. One of the prominent changes occurred when the authorities shut down KickassTorrents which was believed to be the most frequently-used torrent site. It got worse: the next modifying was not long in going. A huge torrent search engine Torrentz was closed down as the abovementioned KickassTorrents.

Thus, to unblock torrent sites you need a VPN service that will both bypass geo-restrictions and make you anonymous. Here is the list of best VPNs for torrenting in 2018:

  1. Express VPN (Best choice!) – number #1 VPN for torrenting with the military-grade encryption, 1500+ servers in 94+ countries and 5 reliable VPN protocols!
  2. Nord VPN – a very decent torrent VPN with servers in 62 countries an in-built kill-switch for your online privacy! Don’t miss 2-year discount!
  3. CyberGhost  – a cheap, but secure VPN for torrenting with 1280 servers around the world, DNS and IP leak protection and 5 gadgets per one account!
  4. VyprVPN  – a modern torrent VPN that works even in China, with 700 VPN servers and really strong encryption and protocols!
  5. IPVanish – a super-fast VPN service for torrenting with 1000+ servers, 256-bit encryption and reliable protocols!

Now you are ready to learn more about torrents!

  1. What are the best torrent trackers to use in 2018?
  2. Top 7 Really Popular Torrent Trackers, 2018
  3. How do torrent clients work?
  4. How to torrent if torrenting websites are blocked?
  5. Сomprehensible torrenting with the most trustworthy tracker and client
  6. Useful tips for successful torrenting
  7. What is the most popular content for torrenting in 2018?
  8. 5 best torrent search sites, 2018
  9. Start torrenting safely!
  10. Anonymity is a must for seeders and leechers!
  11. Basic Tips for newcomers into the world of Torrent websites
  12. The final word

It has passed a long way, before it became one of the most mainstream file-sharing technologies, and, at the same time, it is in the center of controversial discussions related to copyright violation. In spite of the facts, millions of people take use of this file-sharing technology.

Why is it so popular among internet users? These are top 3 reasons to use try torrents:

  • Public torrent networks are free of charge which means people don’t have to pay for the service.
  • Torrent websites are full of movies, music, games, shows, applications and other goodies.
  • Torrenting is a fast way of downloading the content of any type and size.

Bittorrent: Who invented? And when?

In 2001 Bram Cohen, Python-language programmer, invented Torrent technology with the purpose of sharing it with others. Indeed, it has become very popular since 2005, and 4 years later millions of internet users shared web content with the help of this game-changing technology. Since most of the torrent files are downloaded free of ads and spyware, at fast speeds, they are getting more and more popular nowadays. By the way, bittorrenting is believed to be the most popular activity on the Internet.

P2P and Bittorrent: are they the same?

Almost everyone has heard at least one of such words as P2P and bittorrent. But every user can hardly explain how they are different or in what way they are similar. If you are curious in the issue, you have the chance to find a comprehensible answer to the question. Though, it is not so really simple to distinct them as there is almost ‘‘invisible’’ difference.

Though, it is not so really simple to distinct them as there is almost ‘‘invisible’’ difference

What makes a good torrent tracker popular on the Internet?

If you are not a beginner in using torrent trackers, you probably know that since bittorrent technology has been invented, a dozens of torrents appeared on the virtual space. All of them have similar features, but at the same time it is hard to choose between them and find the one which perfectly suit you in one or another way.

We understand that the best torrent sites should meet any particular user’s requirements, among which are torrent of extremely high quality and a fair, even huge number of seeders available.


The amount of torrents available


The search options


User-friendly interface


The content is the first thing every user pay attention to when makes up his mind to take use of torrent trackers. Various torrenting websites offer different content for downloading:

  • movies;
  • music;
  • games;
  • software;
  • books and others.

The amount of the torrent material uploaded and downloaded within the websites also varies from website to website.

While the torrents with the huge database may offer up to millions of files from multiple categories, the others are not so rich in torrent links. It is natural that user would select those with more torrent files to choose. That is why the torrent amount is of high value for a good torrent tracker.


If a torrent tracker offers a vast choice of content, it may be hard enough to find the file you are looking for to download.

The torrent tracker which allows you only to browse through the files without filtering the search, won’t be probably as popular as the one with a structured database.

Most frequently-used torrent search engines arrange the file into categories and subcategories for easy browsing.

One may open Movies, for instance, to search for the necessary one, or Software -if the application is in demand. Many torrent trackers allow their users to filter when they search for torrents to download.


The interface is the way of communication between a user and a system.

It is always more pleasant and convenient to take use of the website if the interface is user-friendly.

The usability of the website includes an eye-attracting design, but not too much colorful, a good structure of the main pages and easy-to use navigation around the site. If the torrent website is widely-visited by torrent user, it means that they are satisfied with its interface.



In the last year there were at once several large ‘pirate’ resources’ announced to be closed including such in-demand trackers as KickassSolarmovieTorrentz.eu,TorrentHoundWhat.cdMininova, etc.

At the same time some of the websites were closed without any explanations or informing for their users. The ExtraTorrent tracker has decided to do it the same way. Thus, on May 17, 2017 the official website, as well as all the mirror sites (extratorrent.cc, extra.to, extrattorent.one) have been supplied with the following note:

‘ExtraTorrent is to be closed forever. The website is to go offline with all the mirrors. All the data is to be permanently deleted. Stay away from fake versions of ExtraTorrent and clones. Thanks to everyone who has supported it and the whole torrent community. It was an interesting place’.

Here is the original:


What’s the reason of ExtraTorrent’s shutdown?

As you have already mentioned, there are no details on the report on the part of the operators. All the reasons for tracker closure remain unrevealed. It should be noted once again that ExtraTorrent was operating since 2006 and took the second position in ratings after The Pirate Bay. The tracker took 291st position in Alex’s rating and two in-house release group worked with it (EtHD, ettv).

Torrent Freak journalists managed to contact with one of the tracker administrators SaM and were assured that’s the time to say bye to the website and the whole project. He also stated the groups EtHD and ettv will stop working.

What’s the way-out?

Here we are going to give you the information on the most reliable torrent trackers for 2018. Unfortunately, numerous well-served trackers have been already closed either due to political/commercial blackmail or to inability to monetize the business.

However, no matter how many reasons can be find the result is the same. Practically all the old school trackers are already closed or non-demanded and you need to look for other solutions. Being a server communicating between two peers, tracker is an inevitable part of p2p sharing or files transferring through BitTorrent protocol.

However, being interested in torrent activity you might have already learnt there are at least two different kinds of trackers: public and private.



Is a free and open for any interested customer service. The expenses are commonly stated to be replaced by advertising. But unfortunately, the websites undergo censorship and pressure on the part of government and larger commercial organizations.

Is a prepaid service (subscription or invitation from a current member). They contain the newest releases of movies, TV shows, software, etc. download speeds are also stated to be faster if compare them with public services.


Updated in March 2018

Torrent guide

What are the best torrent trackers to use in 2018?

Eventually, we came to the part when you’ll become aware of the torrent websites to use after the shutdown of well-known but unavailable trackers. The best torrent trackers are described briefly, but be sure all of them DO function currently!

The list of the top torrent trackers for the spring of 2018 includes not only the ones of universal appeal, but some brand-new faces  that have come to the scene.

NB! It should be noted that Legaltorrents does not justify illegal file sharing and copyright infringement.

Are you interested in the most popular torrent trackers for the current autumn? What are they?

We are glad to provide you with 5 really popular torrent trackers for the current spring.

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Top 7 Really Popular Torrent Trackers, 2018

#1 The Pirate Bay

TPB is believed to be the oldest king of torrent trackers as it has been operating long ago. Certain torrent sites have appeared and disappeared, but TPB has gained popularity over the network. The Pirate Bay has proved its reliability by the number of TPB’s users.

Still available…

It has avoided various closedowns that affected similar torrent trackers. A user-friendly interface and a multiple assortment of torrents make The Pirate Bay a competent player on the torrent scene. TPB can be called an alternative successor of KickassTorrents!

TPB is against illegal content!

Apart from numerous facilities The Pirate Bay provides its users, the platform struggles against illegal file sharing. Thus, in the year of 2009 TPB owners supported the idea of Hans Pandeya to transform The Pirate Bay into a platform where the content providers (ordinary users) make money by means of uploading files. Rightholders would also benefit from it and will be given the piece of cake.

Jurisdiction bypassing

Another fact that shows the intentions of TPB owners to work legally is the statement that the equipment of TPB service will be located on a pilotless vehicle in the neutral waters. TPB owners proposed to do it to host the Pirate Bay out of jurisdiction of any country all over the world. These facts prove the idea that the Pirate Bay does its best to function legally around the globe.


Is The Pirate Bay available everywhere?

The torrent tracker was activated in 2013 and despite all the taken attempts to avoid censorship it’s been already blocked for several times and revived again.

The website is legally blocked in such countries as the UK, India, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands and France, though the access can be unblocked with the use of such IP hindering tools as proxies, VPNs or Tor.

The list of afforded services includes Pirate Proxy, The Simple Bay, The Magnet Bay, UKBay, etc. Numerous malicious users have already undertaken attempts to substitute the website with fakes. Therefore, for you not to get into a trap, you’d better know the real URL.

#2 RarBG


Being added into the top 2000 of global websites according to Alexa reports, RarBG can play second fiddle after TPB. The website has been providing about 300 000 users a day with numerous torrent files and links. RarBG is considered to be one of the easiest torrent sites to operate even for non-technical individuals.

Worldwide use

The torrent tracker is fulfilled with quality media-content and would be excellent for those enjoy torrents of high quality. Despite the fact that in some countries, such as Italy, France, the UK, Denmark, Portugal and India, RarBG is banned, there is a lifebuoy to access this torrent tracker via VPN.

RarBG is easily accessible through Bulgarian IP

Good news for Bulgaria residents, as the access to RarBG is available 24/7. Having chosen RarBG for both uploading and downloading media via the Internet users will be secure while entering the information necessary for registration. According to Privacy Policy of RarBG these data will not be delivered to third parties. The files are not kept on RarBG servers as BitTorrent technology is used instead, which makes the process of file sharing really fast and convenient.

Bypass the restrictions to access RarBG torrenting site

RarBG made the process of file sharing safe by means of specially developed proxies, which provide with private Internet access. RarBG continues to be popular among torrent lovers because of its boundless facilities and a great content amounted to 700 thousand files for torrenting.

#3 LimeTorrents


It is one more torrent tracker that deserves positive remarks from its users. The number of torrents that the website contains can’t be compared to a wide range of similar torrent trackers. Every user, even the one with a sophisticated taste, will be able to find torrent that suits him or her. The LimeTorrents’ website is not difficult for navigating with easy-to-understand configurations.

Flash-like speed is one of LimeTorrents’ advantages

The tracker’s users can benefit from fast enough speeds in comparison with numerous torrent sites lagging this prominent advantage. All in all, it is believed to be a decent representative of torrent trackers on the network.

LimeTorrents’ modification

Having been launched in 2003 as a search engine for torrent files LimeTorrents was redesigned and improved its technical characteristics in the year of 2007. LimeTorrents creators keep working on this torrent tracker on a regular basis, improving it for the users.

How to search for torrents via LimeTorrents?

During LimeTorrents history millions of torrent files were shared by users. Meta-search engine for torrent files is available from any single corner of the world. The process of files search is very simple as it is allowed to look for torrent files by means of two methods: keywords and filtering. To take advantage of the first way, a person is to think over keywords connected with the content he wants to find.

For example, it is possible to type in the word ‘love’ to find romantic movies, or the name of a singer to find his songs. The second way is filtering. By means of LimeTorrents it is possible to apply search filters and the process of searching will satisfy even the most rigorous users. The process of file sharing by means of LimeTorrents is really beneficial and fast.

#4 YTS. ag


The next torrent tracker in our rating is going to be YTS.ag with its pros and cons. It should be noted that it possesses more advantages than disadvantages. YTS.ag torrent site offers only movies for seeding and leeching. So, if you are looking for the tracker to torrent music or games, for example, you will have to benefit from another torrent tracker.

The greatest database of torrent movies

As YTS.ag is specialized in film torrents, it can provide its users with a rich number of movies accessible. Its happy users also have a good opportunity to choose the quality of movies they torrent: 720p, 1080 and 3D. As far as the interface of YTS.ag is concerned, it is so magnificent that one can’t take eyes off. Thus, the YTS.ag is a perfect torrent tracker for film-lovers.

YTS navigation simplifies the choice!

The description of a movie together with its trailer will help to choose the most appropriate for a user product of modern cinematography. Movies on this website are accompanied by:

  • synopsis;
  • director;
  • starring actors and actresses;
  • runtime;
  • comments to a movie;
  • some technical information. 

Torrent tracker YTS operates since 2015 on the basis of YTS.to website. Nevertheless, it is not the same but a copycat of former popular website YTS.to. This torrent tracker is used for peer-to-peer file sharing among movies connoisseurs

Among most profitable peculiarities of this website is the facility to exchange torrent files of tiny size. YTS functions on the basis of EZTV website (website for torrenting TV shows) so many users are erroneous to assume that YTS.to contains only TV shows for torrenting.

Thus, some users prefer not to use it for torrenting. But those who gave preference to YTS.to benefit from the high quality of numerous movies and TV shows.



Though the interface of TORRENTPROJECT does not seem to be as impressive as of the torrent websites mentioned above, the tracker may appeal by a number of torrents it offers. One may download not only movies, but also games, applications, music and other pretty useful torrent files.


There are nearly 10 million torrents in the TORRENTPROJECT database. Besides, it would not be difficult for a torrent beginner to operate on the website, as the search engine is simple. It is worth taking advantage of TORRENTPROJECT tracker.

Being a torrent search engine TORRENTPROJECT verifies data from over three hundred websites for torrenting files, among them are The Pirate Bay, RarBG and others. The database of TORRENTPROJECT gets renewed daily, new torrent files appear, while those with ‘zero’ seeders are deleted. This technology allows providing TORRENTPROJECT users with files of current importance.

The torrent files are easy to find

The application programming interface of this website serves to make navigation more understandable for a naive user. Moreover, the creators of TORRENTPROJECT managed to improve the speed by means of trackers compilation.

TORRENTPROJECT website succeeds renowned search engines for torrent files Torrentz and KickassTorrents. TORRENTPROJECT allows anonymous peer-to-peer file sharing which separates it from a number of unsafe torrent trackers as anonymity in this sphere gains its popularity. All in all with TORRENTPROGECT you will experience really fast downloading of captivating movies and famous TV shows.

#6 1337X


Our number 6 in the rating is 1337X. After a serious adaptation of the website, its traffic has been increased a lot. To take use of 1337X, you will have to register on the website.

How to create a 1337X account?

The registration process is not complicated, you just need to create a username, strong password and provide any e-mail you currently use. The amount of torrent categories may impress its users. Among commonly-offered movies, one may find such sorts of torrents as television, games, anime, documentaries and others. 1337X has a great brand-new interface which contributes to easy torrenting.

What makes 1337X special?

1337x is among the most frequently used websites for torrenting. It impresses users by its library, easy interface and speed, but the weak point of this torrent tracker is that it is available only in four countries of the world: the UK, Canada, Japan and Singapore.

1337X & Google relations

The Google search engine doesn’t show this website. That is why 1337x takes only the sixth position of our rating. In spite of these facts, 1337x becomes more and more popular during the last two years, when KickassTorrent ceased to exist.

Nowadays, 1337x is recognized as the best alternative for KickassTorrent. Torrent files on this website are accompanied by the information on seeders, leeches, duration, size and uploaders.

All pluses of 1337x overshadow the weak points of the website, making it trendy among computer users.

#7 Torrent Downloads


The last but not the least in our list of popular torrent trackers is Torrent Downloads. What we’d like to notify  is that browsing the website is a great pleasure because of the user-friendly structure. The developers have thought through any detail of the website.

Creditable interface

One may appreciate its rich database of quality torrents. A great number of torrent categories are viewed on the Torrent Downloads website. Though it has appeared on the torrent scene not long ago, it is worth giving a chance to become one of the most popular torrent sites. Still, it is actively blocked in a number of countries, but the boundaries can be bypassed with VPN connecting.

Use the efficient mixture of Torrent Downloads and a VPN

In this case TV shows, movies, music, games, software, anime, books and other files for successful torrenting will be at users’ disposal. For a long period of time Torrent Downloads was first-rate media player among torrent lovers and it continues to confirm this status uploading the latest products of contemporary cinematography, TV shows, X-box games and so on. The list of Torrent Download advantages is huge and it is possible to estimate its work to the full extent only after its use.

Once trying, it will be not an easy task to stop using it. Torrent Downloads attracts the users by refreshing torrent files on a regular basis, interface comprehensible for an average user and the facility to identify the speed of downloading a file (with the help of information about a file). To conclude, Torrent Download is in our rating not accidentally, as it gives users unlimited facilities in torrenting.

Torrents are a great way to download quite large files like movies, TV shows and games. They turn user’s computer into part of a network where digital data is shared as it is downloaded, so while a user is downloading content from other netizens he is also helping others to receive the bits he has already got. This is a way to receive huge files relatively fast and reliably.

Beyond all doubts, torrent files are incredibly useful, but in order to use them, internet surfers should install the right software called torrent clients.

How do torrent clients work?

Being equipped with the information on what torrenting websites to use in order to find the files to download is only the half of what one needs. Another essential thing for torrenting is a torrent client which is also known as a torrent downloader. 

Torrent client definition

Torrent clients are computer programs designed for P2P file sharing using BitTorrent protocol. The protocol controls file transfer among peers connected in a swarm. Torrent clients allow users to exchange information as a peer in one and even more swarms.

There are dozens of torrent clients on the Internet to download and install, many of them are open-sources, while the others are freeware, adware or shareware.

Top most commonly used torrent clients on the web

 Leading P2P public file-sharing software in 2016





The BitTorrent company has established P2P file sharing protocol that bears its name and designed its own client with wed-based seeding, users comments and content overview.

The interface and feature set of BitTorrent client remind uTorrent, that is because they are near-identical pieces of software. What is more, BitTorrent has purchased uTorrent and used it as the basis of its official program.

However, even though the clients are supplied with the identical functionality, there are a few main differences. BitTorrent allows for using private trackers that do not provided by the uTorrent client.

The free BitTorrent client is feature-packed, while the premium package removes ads, allows for streaming playback of files being downloaded and is supplied with some extra features such as virus scanning and file format conversion.




uTorrent has been designed in 2005 and since is one of the most widely used clients for free. The client supports ads and requires careful installation from reliable web resources.

The internet community prefers this torrent client for its usability and effective operation, which is extremely easy to set up and offers various configuration and performance options.  Having subscribed for a premium version, users receive ad-free software with additional features including HD streaming and virus scanning.




When some torrent clients are provided with every conceivable configuration, the others keep things as simple as possible. qBittorent gets in the middle, being designed for meeting the needs of average costumers while operating with as little CPY and memory as possible. In such a manner, the client is featured as the lightweight and open source software with crapware-free installation.

qBittorent is an ad-free equivalent to uTorrent. The client is also supplied with an integrated search engine, media player, data encryption, IP filtering.




Deluge is another open-source and cross-platform BitTorrent software. It is known as the oldest torrent client, but also as the most lightweight one.  As compared with qBittorrent, Deluge is built on a plug-in system to provide advanced features users need.

Deluge relies on a client-server architecture that allows for running as a daemon or service in the background. In other words, the client can be running on a remote system and managing via user’s desktop. So, the client functions like a usual desktop application by default.

The client is completely free and provides such useful features, as encrypted downloading, private torrenting, password protection, bandwidth scheduling and throttling, proxy and third-party plug-ins support.




The software-company has developed two clients for their customers: the full-fledged Vuze and Vuze Leap. Both apps come up with torrent downloading, media playback, while also supporting magnet file links.

Vuze is an all-in-one torrent client and media management program that is also improved with torrent files searching, built-in HD playback and media trans-coding for various consoles and devices. Besides, the developments have added up-to-date features to the Vuze client such as supporting of the new WebTorrent protocol.

Vuze Leap is a leaner version of the Vuze client, which is focused on torrent searching, download managing and minor media playback. The client has extremely limited configuration possibilities that are usually preferred by not tech-savvy internet users.




This is a relatively new torrent client that is featured with a user-friendly interface, port forwarding, magnet links support, IP filtering, event scheduling and quick installation.




Tribler is well known for adding a security layer to the fast, but public BitTorrent network by routing both seeding and downloading traffic via proxies reminding the Tor network operation.

Besides the privacy features, Tribler offers torrents searching and a media player that supports streaming of downloaded files.




BitLord users are provided with a possibility to download torrent files from the web through a simple user-friendly client.

It also includes a torrent search engine, built-in video player and makes possible to stream media files to an Apple TV or Chromecast.




BitComet is a stable and reliable torrent client that definitely meets all users’ requirements.

The software operates with magnet links, P2P file sharing and bandwidth management settings.

How to torrent if torrenting websites are blocked?

In view of the fact that P2P file sharing is prohibited in many regions worldwide, some torrent trackers as well as torrent search engines undergo blacklisting. Thus, if a website is in the list of forbidden, the ISP does NOT allow such connection.

Overrun the usual web browsing with a VPN. The best VPNs for torrenting will:

 hide IP address so that it makes VPN users untrackable;

 serve to change virtual location to bypass the restrictions emposed by the ISP;

 mask torrent fans while downloading torrent files;

 encrypt all the traffic (including data sent and received, visited pages, time spent on particulat websites and what not.

Comprehensible torrenting with the most trustworthy tracker and client

People know lots of variants to download media via the Internet, but torrenting is considered to be the most popular for over 10 years. Torrenting gains its popularity driving out streaming platforms step by step as it provides people with free products of high quality.

To download a cherished movie a user is to follow several easy steps, which are described below. These tips will definitely simplify the process of torrenting on your PC.

Let us look through the steps to download torrents:

Step 1.

The first thing one should do is to find a reliable torrent tracker. As it was already mentioned, tracker is a server which allows exchanging files by means of P2P system. To make the right choice it is necessary to learn more about them.

To begin with, there are two variants of torrent trackers: open and private. Open (or public) torrent trackers are available for any person on the Internet. They are free and a user will not face difficulties to access them. As for private trackers, they are not accessible for everyone. To start using private tracker it is necessary to ‘be invited’ by a private tracker user. What is more private trackers are called so not by chance as they can regulate their users.

Open trackers Private trackers






















Step 2.

The next step is to choose a torrent client. All the clients for torrenting are known under a general name BitTorrent as they use BitTorrent protocol for file sharing.


The name of client

Operates since

OS available



Windows, OSX, Android



Windows, OSX



Windows, OSX












Windows, OSX, Linux. BSD



Windows, Android, Linux, OSX

Opera 12


Window, Linux, OSX



Windows, OSX, Linux


As an example we decided to use BitTorrent client. Visit the official website of BitTorrent client and download it there.


The process of downloading and installation doesn’t take up much time.


Step 3.

After downloading BitTorrent client it is high time to look for a desired file. We have chosen The Pirate Bay for this purpose. Type in a necessary combination into an entry line and tick off near the category.


Then you will see the search results for your request.

Step 4.

Now it is requisite to download a torrent. To turn aside problems with quality we recommend users to download the most popular torrent files. To identify such torrents, pay attention to the files with a big number of seeders.


The number of leechers influences the speed as a leecher is a person who managed to download the torrenting file but didn’t share it by means of P2P yet. In this connection you will experience a good speed for torrenting.

Step 5.

Prefer the torrent files of big size. It is essential for both video and audio files. Reading users’ comment will also help you to identify the quality of the file you are about to download.

Step 6.

Use magnet links to download necessary torrent files, which simplify the process of their downloading.


Step 7.

This step is of high importance as downloaded files sometimes contain malicious software and viruses. In this regard it is required to scan the torrent files by means of an antivirus system installed on a device.


Useful tips for successful torrenting

  • After successful downloading a torrent file on your device it is necessary not to exit the client. The reason of it is your status. Having downloaded a file, a user becomes a seeder. This status makes the files one has downloaded available for other users of this BitTorrent client. Thus, it is recommended to seed at least for some period of time in order other users could download the same file.



  •  Try to upload as many files as you download. It makes your speed faster. In case you want only to download, the process of downloading will be extremely time-consuming.
  •  Torrent client developers also advise to run the client as a background as it doesn’t influence your Internet activity. It is connected with the fact that the speed of uploading is usually slower than the speed of downloading. In this connection it is essential not to exit the client in order other seeders could download the files.
  •  Don’t start using files until the process of downloading is finished. It may lead to the problems with play after the downloading. In other words, it is forbidden to start watching a movie or listening to a song if the half of its data is downloaded (many people like to do it).
  •  Some people prefer storing torrent files on DVD because of the limited free space on a hard drive of a device. In this connection, one more very essential rule is not to delete files one has downloaded as after such actions you stop being a seeder and the file will not be available for other users.
  •  Sometimes it happens that even such featured torrent trackers as The Pirate Bay lack some files. A good way-out will be to add to the torrent client more websites dealing with torrenting.

To sum up, it is vivid that the combination of the best torrent tracker The Pirate Bay and the most powerful torrent client BitTorrent is a great way to download successfully from the network.

The only difficulty one can face is malware. Therefore it is indispensable to undertake precautions to prevent it. First of all pay attention to the information about torrenting files and comments of users who have already tested these files.

Also it is possible to use a VPN to block the downloading malware and viruses. In this case a user doesn’t have to pay attention to comments and other information about a torrenting file. Thus, the process of torrenting will not take up much time and energy.

What is the most popular content for torrenting in 2018?

Most internet users never think about the war raging to keep copyrighted content off the global network. Nevertheless, file-sharing websites have grown more popular since 2011, thus making the further struggle with torrent sites harder.

BitTorrent is one of the most popular torrenting sites that allow visitors to download and watch desired content free of charge. The ability to watch, listen, read and use anything you like on the Internet for free has become a norm that average netizens are unpleasantly surprised if they can’t find the desired material that they are searching for.

Many people considered torrenting just a serious problem the online community has faced. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop them from downloading necessary content via torrent clients and use it for personal purposes. The following results will show you the most popular torrent files that are downloaded over the past few years.

The most popular downloaded albums and MP3 singles in 2016

The rise of media streaming services such as Spotify or Pandora has changed the way people listen to music over the past few years. Nevertheless, the music industry continues to suffer from stream ripping that means saving MP3 singles while streaming them.

Just a few years ago, downloading music from torrent websites was the most common way of the file recording. Nowadays, netizens prefer to use YouTube or similar platforms that offer multiple MP3 files to suit all tastes. The graph below indicates the globaldownward trend in use of torrent websites while downloading audio files.

The most popular online services used to download or stream music in 2016


As statistics show, torrent websites are still utilized for downloading favorite MP3 files and albums. Based on the total number of MP3 files downloading from torrent websites in October 2017 worldwide, the following content had leading positions:


5 best torrent search sites, 2018

Torrent search engines are becoming as popular as torrent sites. They are like linking parts between the torrent sites that exist in the virtual space. They help users in torrent search and make it easier to find a necessary torrent within the suggested alternatives.

It is dead obvious that torrent search engines are of vital importance and gaining increasing popularity. Here you can find 5 top torrent search engines for 2018:

1. Torrentz


Torrentz is a decent representative among the ‘’army’’ of huge torrent search engines. The service attracts potential visitors because of its simple and user-friendly interface. One won’t have any difficulties with searching for torrents.

Torrentz, like many other torrent search engines, consolidates the links to torrents from various pirate sites. Unfortunately, it is currently unavailable for using. Nevertheless, the followers of Torrentz hope that it will restart its work again. We hope so as well!

2. Toorgle


Toorgle definitely deserves the second position after Torrentz. The torrent search engine allows you to search torrents from more than 450 torrent sites without browsing them all on the network.

You simply need to enter the title you would like to find and get a wide range of search results at one place. Isn’t it comfortable? What is more Toorgle has an easy-to-use interface without annoying details that can be on some other less popular torrent search engines.

3. iDope


Another representative of torrent search engines is iDope, and it is ranked to be on the third position owing to its stylish interface (to be honest, it reminds Google a little) and the opportunities it gives to its visitors.

iDope provides direct magnet links to torrents and mainstream comments. Recent and most popular torrent links can be viewed on separate pages. A combination of design and torrent search characteristics makes it an excellent torrents search engine.

4. Skytorrents

The aim of Skytorrents is privacy and no-tracking policy and non-advertising, which is quite important for torrent users. As fare its interface is concerned it fairly usable and convenient for search.

In comparison with the other torrent search engines, it offers not only torrent links, but one can view torrent statistics and positive or negative comments upon the torrents.


5. Seedpeer


The last, but not the least in our rating of torrent search engines is Seedpeer. It has been known as Meganova first, but the name was changed into Seedpeer. It proposes verified torrent links for any kind of them in a special section on the website.

One may search whether in the search on the main page or browse in categories. A pleasant design and good opportunities are the key features for being popular among torrent search engines.

Start torrenting safely!

Besides, being accustomed to your favorite torrent website, but having no idea whether it’s operating now or the tracker’s been blocked or erased for some reasons you have a possibility to check it with the use of the following engine:



However, as long as torrenting is prohibited in many countries by law you may be heavily punished or even arrested. Therefore, before trying to remember those days when you torrented files through dead as dodo trackers like Usenet (NNTP) and IRC-xdcc, you need to make sure the legislation of the country you live in doesn’t forbid you to do it.

Anonymity is a must for seeders and leechers!

The antinomy is constituted in the fact that torrent, as a protocol, is legal everywhere, but torrent websites are illegal in most countries. Therefore, here is the fleshed-out list of countries and their attitude towards torrenting.

The restriction coming from torrenting activity is known to take place in such regions as:

sad Australia

sad Belgium

sad France

sad Germany

sad Hong Kong

sad Italy

sad Japan

sad Mexico

sad Poland

sad Singapore

sad the US

sad the UK

Besides, the most restrictive countries in terms of torrenting usage are stated to be regions with less free internet access, such as India, Iran, the UAE, China. So, these are the states where torrenting as well as any other uncoordinated with the government action can be either heavily fined/provoke arrest or both the options.

However, living in such place as Spain and thinking as everything is legal in the country you can use p2p sharing absolutely free is a fake idea, as long as you have to take care for your system and network protection.

When accessing one of the enumerated torrent trackers you come across one and the same state of things: check your IP protection, otherwise torrenting can end up badly for you. Therefore, using the best VPN for torrenting is the best opportunity for P2P sharing, as long as it is not only hide your IP address, but also make all you traffic tunneled and encrypted while protecting it from all the prying eyes.

Basic Tips for newcomers into the world of Torrent websites

If you are an experienced user of torrent trackers and search engine indexes, you won’t probably need any further advice on how to download and seed. Still, in case you are a newcomer in torrent technologies and don’t even imagine what you deal and start with, we have prepared a few dead useful and up-to date articles for you. We hope that you will read them with pleasure.

Firstly, have a thorough reading of our guide for torrent beginners: How to start torrenting. After reading this 3-step guide, you will be aware of how torrent technology working, get basic knowledge of torrent clients (why they are used and how to download torrents with the help of them), and finally you will understand why you should protect yourself when you share torrent files.

Secondly, another helpful article for every newcomer into torrenting will be the one which is called How to access blocked torrent websites: really must-have tips in 2018. It is a brief instruction on how to get inaccessible torrent websites unblocked. You know, some countries are torrent friendly or take a neutral position in relation to them, but the others are hostile towards torrent trackers and tend to block more such websites.

Thirdly, our Checklist of top torrent sites will introduce you with the existing trackers for films, games, music and other downloads. You will have the chance to find the one that will be perfectly appropriate for you without wasting time for browsing dozens of torrent websites available on the virtual space.

Fourthly, our article How-to use guide for The Pirate Bay is also worth reading for torrent newcomers. As it is almost the most widely-known and frequently-used torrent tracker, you definitely should start with this torrent website.

Finally, you need to know everything about torrent clients without which torrenting process is impossible. You may read either about uTorrent or BitTorrent, which are thought to be among the most recognized clients for bittorrent-sharing.

In addition, don’t forget to update antivirus software on your computer to be always protected online.

The final word

If you read this article till this very line, you will be 100% informed on how to torrent safely, what torrent websites to use and how to be untrackable while downloading torrent files.

As we have promised only the latest data are presented in this post. And what is more beneficial, all the websites meant for torrenting are active today and therefore may be used for file sharing.

Well, let us sum up how to torrent securely and with no restrictions in 2018:

 VPN service

Before starting any torrenting activity it is required to run a VPN on a device one is going to use for P2P sharing. VPN will mask user’s IP address, so that a person will be non-identifiable. Furthermore, VPN will serve to unblock the torrent websites that may be banned by the ISP or the authorities.

 Torrent search engines

It is dead inconvenient to look for the torrent files through search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu and others. In this connection special search engines for torrents were worked out. They provide users with the links to numerous torrent sites with magnet links and torrent files.

 Torrent trackers

As soon as one is redirected to one of the best torrent trackers, the process of torrenting is possible to be started. Everything is quite simple, as it is necessary to click to the necessary link and that’s it. The magnet link is downloaded and the further step is to be accomplished: take use of a torrent downloader program.  

 Torrent client (downloader)

After a torrent client is installed, the devise is ready to serve as a tool for peer-to-peer sharing. Some of them even allow search for the torrent files without extra websites. However, in this case a person may be limited in the choice.

And now is your turn:

1. Let us know if in the comments what is your opinion about the article?

2. Also let us know what torrent websites were new for you, but you want

to use after reading this guide.

3. Don’t hesitate to ask questions on torrenting if you still have some.



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Update: 18/10/2018
March 14, 2018 8 

Actually RarBG and Zoorgle differ in its nature. Whereas RarBG is the platform for file sharing, Zoogle is the engine that helps finding. Just think, when you are searching for a torrent movie through RarBG site, you’ll be provided with the links stored on this site only (let’s imagine that the number of links for “X” movie equals 100). Looking for the “X” movie via Zoogle you’ll be provided with the files stored on RarBG and many other torrent trackers. So the number of magnet links or torrent files increases significantly. That’s why, Zoogle is better to use I case you want to get a more diverse choice.

March 02, 2018 1 

Zoogle is no doubt the best torrenting site!!! After KAT’s shutdown I was looking for an adequate torrent site. I tried many of them, but disliked. Some contained too much ads, others contained malicious files, which was surprising for me. Zoogle appeared to be the best of those I tried. I’ve been using Zoogle for about 3 years already and don’t wanna stop using it. Also I like its facility to subscribe to TV shows. In such a way, as soon as a new episode of a TV show, I have subscribed to, is loaded, I’m notified about it. It serves to evade looking for the things I want to watch. In my opinion, Zoogle must take the 1st position!!!

March 09, 2018 5 

Hey Carl, I’m into torrenting as well. But I dare disagree with you upon the best torrent site. At the beginning of its functioning, Zoogle was really among top sites for seeders, but nowadays, it lost its position. I’ll explain what makes me think so. Why do we use torrent sites? The reason number one is access to the content that is unavailable for some reason. Torrent sites give us such chance. But! New torrents with latest movies and TV shows can’t always be found through Zoogle. I like RarBG tracker. Of course, RarBG yields KAT but it’s definitely better than Zoogle.

March 14, 2018 0 

guys, what are you talking about?! Comparing Zoogle and RarBG is like comparing monkey and shark. They are different, so that’s totally stupid to say that one is better than the other!

March 14, 2018 8 

Actually RarBG and Zoorgle differ in its nature. Whereas RarBG is the platform for file sharing, Zoogle is the engine that helps finding. Just think, when you are searching for a torrent movie through RarBG site, you’ll be provided with the links stored on this site only (let’s imagine that the number of links for “X” movie equals 100). Looking for the “X” movie via Zoogle you’ll be provided with the files stored on RarBG and many other torrent trackers. So the number of magnet links or torrent files increases significantly. That’s why, Zoogle is better to use I case you want to get a more diverse choice.

March 14, 2018 0 

on the one hand you are right. but there’s always the second side of the medal – Zoogle can ignore some trackers.

February 27, 2018 0 

Too much info to my mind. And I don’t understand why you have divided torrent sites into two categories: top 7 and top 5? It’s unclear.

February 27, 2018 3 

Hi Heather, hope you have read this article till the very end. The article is really big, you are right. But we have made our best to create the most complete and utmost torrenting guide. While surfing the Internet you could find a lot of info on torrenting. Some of them describe torrent trackers (databases of torrent files), others – torrent search engines (some kind of Google for searching torrents). We have gathered all the info on torrenting in one place. After reading this article a person will be ready start torrenting immediately and face no troubles. The reason why we presented two lists of top torrent sites is the following: top 7 includes best torrent trackers, while top 5 presents best search engines for torrent files. Besides, we have described the most convenient and useful torrent downloaders (programs used for torrents downloading).