The best horror movies of 2017 for torrenting

November 03, 2017

Lucky for horror lovers, a lot of terrific content have impressed viewers this year. Despite the fact that the World cinema of 2017 is still ongoing, it’s worth highlighting some of the best films to torrent. The modern horror genre has offered some standouts: internet users from all over the globe can stream or torrent sci-fi thrillers, psychological drama, or well-known supernatural stories. The movies here are considered to be the best of the year’s scary and frightening films.

1 A Cure for Wellness

Dane DeHaan stars as Gore Verbinski which was sent to a wellness center located in the Swiss Spa. The character soon suspects that the center’s treatments are not what they seem. Unraveling its horrific secrets, he begins to lose control of his sanity finding himself diagnosed with the same illness that keeps all the spa’s customers looking for the cure.

 2 Alien: Covenant

An English film director and producer Ridley Scott directs this prequel to the sci-fi horror classic, balancing the original’s tension and terror with the philosophical perplexity of his last film, Prometheus (2012).

3 The Blackcoat's Daughter

The film directed by Osgood Perkins relates the tragic fate of two girls that have decided to spend their winter break in the closed confines of their boarding school. As it turns out, it serves as a poor sanctuary being useless to protect them from a sinister dark force.

4 Annabelle: Creation

Annabelle: Creation is the fourth movie in the Conjuring universe directed by David Sandberg. The story put some snap back into the sub-franchise  by taking viewers even further back in time to learn the origins of the cursed doll.

5 It

The long-awaited big-screen adaptation of Stephen King's work becomes the highest grossing film of all time. Andres Muschietti has revived the classic King tale adhering more closely to the book than other taped versions. The well-known Loser’s Club is faced with formidable suffering and hardship that unites them all together against the demonic clown Pennywise from their hometown Derry, Main. It should be mentioned, that Bill Skarsgård brings his own unique interpretation to the terrifying dancing clown receiving many positive feedbacks.

6 It Comes at Night

Joel Edgerton stars as a family man who protects his wife and children from an evil unknown force coming from the outside world. The story plunges you into the nerve-jangling and tense atmosphere allowing for studying about the limits of humanity when generally accepted social rules have been abandoned.

7 Get Out

Jordan Peele's social thriller relates the fateful meeting between the black protagonist and his white girlfriend's family. The history gathers momentum when it is recognized that the family has sinister intentions in mind.

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