Ronald Adamson

IT Security Expert
Ronald Adamson

Education: Before working at Bestvpnrating, he entered on a career in the technical field as a security professional. Having earned a Graduate Certificate in Information Systems of Walden University, he’s suddenly found out that writing is his avocation, that’s why now he shares personal experiences with our users.

Why have you decided to be a part of Bestvpnrating’s team?

It was easy for me to enter the fast-growing IT field after finishing M.S.I.T. program (Walden’s M.S. in Information Technology). I have decided that my specialization based on virtual labs maintenance and introducing of new technologies on the whole is something I need to share with people. So, I have concluded not to miss a minute and started my writing career here. 

What is your major achievement in work?

Of course, I would like to say that my major achievement is making the Internet securer and freer for numerous followers, but still there are new challenges ahead. I hope that everything I make will deliver strong results. At this stage I continue writing smart facts and articles about VPN choice and usage. As soon as it is possible I delve into virtual labs space and continue studying up on Internet security.

Is there any wariness about cybersecurity attacks in 2017?

I’m sure that cybersecurity is a topical issue for today and for the future years. I have already mentioned that as well as technology integrates deeply into our lives, our dependence on the outputs makes us vulnerable and defenseless if it fails. That’s hard to say whether there is any extra wariness about online attacks in 2017, but new accidents have already taken place.

What is your golden rule for internet surfing?

It’s not a provocative question, is it? Surely, I enable my VPN every time I browse the Internet. Taking into account the fact that I write about internet safeness, I need this tool, as soon as my data can be the object of desire for many adversaries. Besides, I practice some other efficient technologies about which you can learn from my articles.

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