Ronald Adamson

IT Security Expert
Ronald Adamson

Before working at Bestvpnrating, he entered on a career in the technical field as a security professional. But suddenly he’s found out that writing is his avocation, that’s why now he shares personal experiences with our users.

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Is there any use in being afraid of cybersecurity attacks in 2017?
It’s an open secret that technology integrates deeply into our lives making us more dependent on it. And there is no...
January 20, 2017
Is VPN The Only True Way To Unlimited Digital Freedom?
According to the latest estimate, internet freedom has declined for 2016 year. 67% of all internet customers live in...
January 15, 2017
Which VPN Software Companies DO NOT Store Personal Data?
Having surfed the internet on the subject of online protection, you know that practically all your network activities...
January 12, 2017
What does Google hide from the US government?
This September Google corporation was required by the OFCCP to send details of the company’s salary structure. The...
January 09, 2017
3 Fail-Proof Ways of Accessing Locked Content in Several Clicks
Surely, each of internet customers has been faced with difficulties when trying to get access to a regionally blocked...
January 01, 2017
Fight for you online privacy and remove your internet profile
Today no one can confidently affirm that their data is absolutely private and kept close from a third party. Surfing...
December 31, 2016
Who Are The Safest VPN Service Providers In The World
You have probably noticed that you may not be as safe as you think. Having subscribed for a reliable VPN service, many...
December 30, 2016
The most remembered attacks of 2016
The outgoing year is remembered for DiCaprio Oscar winning, Syrian mass migration or Trump electing. But the...
December 28, 2016
Why a lot of frauds use VPN when trying to steal personal information of the victim?
Before answering the question it will be reasonable to find out who frauds are and why the question sounds familiar....
December 24, 2016
VPN And iOS: How Well Do The Mix?
As well as any other OS iOS contains its own weak spots that can result in many troubles for the owner of such iOS...
December 22, 2016
How does government in Korea deal with internet privacy violations of users who don't use VPN?
When talking about Korea, we should speak about two countries North Korea and South Korea. As far as you know the...
December 22, 2016
No VPN can really safeguard you from a hacker, or can it?
VPN service sounds familiar to any average user today. Virtual private network is a technology developed for your...
December 21, 2016
How does America regulate VPN providers?
It’s a common knowledge that the US in contradiction from Europe, hasn’t imposed mandatory data retention law....
December 18, 2016
How to be fully protected on the Internet using VPN?
Being introduced in the 20th century, today the internet is teeming with multiple threats from censorship to unfounded...
December 15, 2016
How to browse the web safely with VPN?
It’s an open fact your physical location can be figured out when simply visiting website. Your device information...
December 13, 2016