Nikolos Faslow

Security Engineer
Nikolos Faslow

Education: Having worked as a common journalist, he decided to alter his life for the better and started working in the area of security and information. Originally from the US, he wants freedom for the citizens, this is precisely why he graduated from RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) and later finished the M.S. in Computing Security and Information Assurance program.

What is your major achievement in work?

I suppose the fact that up until I graduated from RIT, I started self-development in the sphere of Internet security as a journalist. Besides, I work in the team of people who are professionals of their field.  

What do you think about Internet security?

A stop to such today’s realities as data leaks, computer fraudulence, hacking of official and private accounts, news channels and social net profiles is Internet security brought into action. Unfortunately, there are still few people that give an account of the problem and strive for Internet freedom. Privately, I think that Internet security should be a must have for all security-concerned people.

Where do you stand on VPN legitimacy?

As soon as I work for online freedom for the US citizens, as well as citizens of other countries, through VPN rating maintenance, it would be silly to confirm that VPNs are illegal. I suppose that everything depends mainly on users activities. Providing that a customer runs a VPN service or some other anonymizers for prohibited practice on the deep web, of course, the service is noticeable here like something illegal. In opposition to this, a customer who applies the service for speaking out online makes nothing illegal in keeping with constitutions of different countries.

What is your golden rule for internet surfing?

So, every time I access the Internet at home, work or any public place, a VPN is the first thing to be switched on. It’s no secret that citizens of different countries are monitored by their government authorities, employers, aside from numerous adversaries, which is normally considered by any average customer as something unethical and unlawful. From my end, I want to be protected from any outside interference into my private space, that’s exactly why I run a VPN to protect myself.

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