Dainan Gilmore

Dainan Gilmore

Education: Mr Gilmore has plunged into the area of symmetric-key cryptography studying in Temasek Laboratories at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Having a Ph.D degree in Computer Science, strong background in cryptography and a mathematical mindset, he is the most sought-after specialist today.

Why have you decided to be a part of Bestvpnrating’s team?

I have already changed many places of work like insurance companies, research agencies and banks. Now I understand that there is no force of doing what one dislikes. So, that is how I am at bestvpnrating.com trying to make my contribution to privacy providing for people and business companies while keeping hackers out of important data systems.  

What is your major achievement in work?

I’m well-assured that in the age of escalated technological development people learn throughout their lives, therefore my major achievement in work is that I don’t give up studying. Having achieved a Ph.D degree in Computer Science, I participate in analyzing algorithms for solving problems. I am constantly working at new ways to encrypt information. Bestvpnrating project has become absolutely new for me, it is something that helps me to bring useful decisions for average customers who often don’t even realize how their systems are vulnerable online.

What do you think about Internet security?

Internet security is directly related to my scope of activity. In line with my responsibilities, I try to make everything possible to prevent adversaries from penetrating into users’ private lives. Internet security is something that I strain after day after day, that’s what I’m driving at.

What is your golden rule for internet surfing?

I can’t say I have one golden rule for internet surfing, as there is a set of rules I keep while browsing. Nevertheless, there is only one standing rule: I never surf the internet without an activated VPN. It doesn’t matter whether I’m at home, work or at a friend’s party, in any case I don’t forget to switch on the app, which makes my online activities protected. 

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