‘Alien: Covenant’ – among the best movies 2017

November 03, 2017

Don’t know what to do in the evening?

We’ll help you! Torrent one of the best movies 2017 ‘Alien: Covenant’ is an American movie directed by Ridley Scott in a science-fiction genre.

The movie is an indirect sequel of ‘Prometheus’. Katherine Waterston, Michel Fassbender and William Crudup starred in this film. May 4, 2017 was the day when the movie was hired out.


The opening night took place in London. The USA residents saw ‘Alien: Covenant’ for the first time on the 19th of May.


A couple of words about the plot  


During the inspection of a remote planet, which is located on the other side of the Galaxy, the crew of the colonial craft ‘Covenant’ identifies that the place they considered to be a novel paradise is a somber and dangerous. Its the only resident is a synthesized android, David by name. He survived after the self-defeating mission of ‘Prometheus’.

The movie lasts for 122 minutes. It’s enough to enjoy the play of talented actors shot in ‘Alien: Covenant’.

What about the critics?

The film was favoured by both critics and the audience. According to the data of http://survey-winner.com/ the film is liked by 57% of the audience. What is more, the rating of this movie is 6.7 point out of 10.


How to torrent ‘Alien: covenant’?

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To sum up

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