Abine Blur and DeleteMe Review

Abine is the company aspiring to create the best security products for internet users around the globe. Blur and DeleteMe are the products of this security company. 

What is Abine?


Abine is not a product created to protect people against online threats, but a company that works out and develops such products.

Abine aims at creating the best security tools to prevent data leakage, which becomes pretty popular among hackers today.


Why is data leakage number one threat?

Nothing is as unprotected and desired as users’ data. It is connected with the numerous facts. First of all, data may become the arms in fraudsters’ hands. For example, passwords and credentials may help adversaries to steal money. Besides, the information may be used to blackmail or even humiliate people.

Therefore, Abine creates powerful tools to provide its users with privacy notwithstanding the services they use on the Internet.

The problem of data theft became extremely vital this year, as over 60% of Americans know about this phenomenon firsthand.

It is very convenient to keep such information as financial and health data by means of special services, but sooner or later this info may become at adversaries’ disposal and the life will turn into an absolute hell.

Fortunately, Abine has created the products that manage to protect us today. Let us study them.

Create reliable passwords with Abine Blur


There is no such thing as Blur. If a person is worried about the issue of online security, Blur is definitely worth using. But what does it provide its consumers with?

Improved passwords

Stop forgetting the passwords, but start creating reliable passwords by means of Abine Blur app. With Blur you will:

  •  create reliably cyphered passwords for the services you use with one click;
  •  keep, encrypt and put in good order all the passwords, which allow logging in the accounts in a trice;
  •  make your Android device 100% protected;
  •  access the data at home, at work or any place you like.

Payments security

From time to time, it happens that the websites for online shopping are hacked. As a result, users’ data become at hackers’ disposal, but it will not be a problem with Blur application. Abine Blur offers its consumers great facilities to:

  •  conduct online shopping without furnishing the sellers with information on credit cards;
  •  use new one-shot credit cards while paying;
  •  indicate Abine Inc. as a seller on all bank account statements to reach the highest level of protection.


Abine Blur passwords manager is the best of the breed, as it protects the data on your accounts (which is known for you only).

But how is it possible?

  •  The passwords are protected by means of AES-256 bit key encryption.
  •  Individual keys are used for authorization and data encoding.
  •  The encrypted data are stored in a personal account.

Blur application


The client account procedure is like two and two is four. After downloading and installing the application on a device, it is necessary to use a real E-mail and create a reliable password to enter the system.

Then, it will be proposed to use a package: free or premium.

The majority of Blur functions are free and unlimited, which is very beneficial for a free service. But with a premium subscription one will get even more:

  •  passwords management;
  •  “virtual” credit cards;
  •  new personal “virtual” phone numbers;
  •  backup and synchronization;
  •  rapid premium support.

The prices are moderate enough for such a wonderful tool. One year subscription costs only $19.99, while a life-long subscription – $119.99.


Besides, it is possible to get a discount from time to time.



After authorization, one will see the menu with the numerous inputs. 

Abine Blur application allows creating passwords and keeping them in one safe place. It offers to synchronize numerous accounts in only one program – Blur.


It is really convenient to use, as Blur allows not only making you protected but simplifies the work with numerous applications installed on your gadget.



DeleteMe application


Once posted, the information can hardly be deleted on the Internet. And many people sometimes suffer from it.

They are growing and their interests and points of view are changing. In this connection, people may be ashamed of the photos they once shared. Or it frequently happens when the person wants to delete his/her account on some website, the system offers to expunge all the data about this user, but it is not free.

Abine Inc. created a wonderful program, which can solve these problems forever.

DeleteMe collects and deletes all information about its users. Thus, it is impossible to find anything about him/her. Besides, Abine DeleteMe consumers will not be annoyed by obtrusive ads appearing all the time.

The application can be used by one or two people. The price depends on this number and varies from $129 to $349.



Abine is preeminent in the sphere of online security. Abine team led by Rob Shavel, Andrew Sudbury, Eugene Kuznetsov, and William Kerrigan managed to create a technology that protects users’ data on an absolutely new level. There is no any other organization in the world that can compete with Abine. The company has been working over 5 years in this sphere to make the internet a safe place for its clients.

Three reasons to use the services provided by Abine:

1st reason: Abine team consists only of real experts in the field of data protection. It means that their products undergo permanent development.

2nd reason: The company does not keep a secret about the information collected.

3rd reason: The privacy policy is as easy and clear as it is possible.

The philosophy of Abine Inc., its services and constant development of the services made this company number one in the sphere of online security.


Bestvpnrating team treats Abine Inc. according to its merits and grants an award of “The Most Creative Privacy Company 2017”.

Do you want to be protected by the best security tools created by Abine? Hurry up to visit Abine website and download the applications there.



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David Balaban
David Balaban