A2 Hosting Review: Why is it the Best Web Hosting in 2019?


A2Hosting is a website hosting provider.

 Nowadays, it supplies its clients with a great variety of services: virtual hosting, VDS/VPS, dedicated servers, cloud VPS and the services for retailers.

The facility to connect to SSD storage devices is available, which minimizes access time to the database.

8 fantastic facilities of A2Hosting


There are so many competitors in the sphere of web hosting services, but A2 Hosting stands out against a background of other platforms thanks to a set of beneficial for its users' capabilities:

  •  The service offers up-to-date equipment for the best work of your service.
  •  The possibility to use SSD storage devices makes the process of work convenient and fast.
  •  Well-qualified specialists of the support service will answer all the possible questions and give detailed instructions regarding the problem one has faced.
  •  A2Hosting clients are given a wide range of choice. Various types of web hosting services are offered them.
  •  The democratic system of prices makes the service affordable even for beginners.
  •  100% of UpTime is guaranteed in case a person entrusted A2Hosting with the service for his/her website.
  •  Additional functions like domain names, SSL and WHMCS are proposed to potential A2Hosting clients.
  •  If a person will not be satisfied with the web hosting service, the money will be paid back within 30 days period.


Where are A2Hosting data centers located?


The main data centers are located in the cities of Southfield (the USA, Michigan) and Reykjavik (Iceland). The cooling and power backup systems in case of defects are available. One will not be anxious about the data, as powerful batteries may be used as a power backup system.

How much does A2 Hosting cost?


As any other trustworthy web hosting service A2Hosting cannot function for free. Usually, the services that offer free hosting make money on credulous users. They simply steal the information hosted by them on such free services.

Although A2Hosting is not free, still it provides people with services for moderate prices.

As for November 2017, the discount system offers to use A2Hosting paying only $3.92 per month. It is fantastic, isn’t it?

Let us study in details the packages offered by A2Hosting:

  •  Shared hosting

The lowest affordable price is proposed for those who want to create a website or a blog and conduct it on their own. In this case, a person is to pay $3.92 per month. This plan offers site hosting at super speed. WordPress and Drupal&Joomla services are optimized for A2Hosting.

  •  VPS hosting

Paying only $5 monthly, one will get fantastic facilities of VPS hosting service. Besides, this type of web hosting service provides its users with an additional level of protection. In other words, it is really secure to use it.

  •  Reseller hosting

If you are ambitious enough to create your own hosting company, feel free to choose “reseller” package, which costs $13.19 per month. This plan presupposes that A2Hosting client is not only going to host is/her own website, but to become a mediator between a big hosting company and individuals.

  •  Dedicated hosting

Only superlative degree of adjectives may be used to describe this fantastic type of collocation. Beyond the doubt, it is the most expensive, but at the same time, Dedicated Hosting plan is the most reliable, multi-functional and customer oriented. It is a pure delight to use it, notwithstanding the price of $99.59 per month.


The payment is possible by means of banking cards, PayPal, 2CheckOut, CheckOrMo systems, and bank transfers. Such payment methods are very convenient and allow starting hosting immediately, as it is possible to use A2Hosting right after the payment.

5 reasons to use A2Hosting


Nowadays, there are a lot of web hosting services that manage to support online platforms around the globe. A2Hosting among them, but it outperforms its competitors for many reasons.

Reason #1

Flex pricing system allows choosing the best plan to dwell upon.

Reason #2

True to A2Hosting statements, the service protects all the data hosted on their servers against hacking attacks and does not use it pro domo sua.

Reason #3

There is no need to look for various types of hosting, as they all offered by one trusty service – A2Hosting.

Reason #4

Unlimited storage, databases, transfer are possible if you use A2Hosting.

Reason #5

According to the interview conducted by A2Hosting among its clients, 97% would advise the service.

Who needs web hosting service?


If you are a lucky owner of a big house and have a spare room for a powerful computer working round-the-clock, if you have got wonderful technical skills and time, you will not need such service as web collocation.

But we can hardly find such a person. Web hosting companies possess special equipment and software to launch and support websites on the Internet.

With A2Hosting you will not have to think about the support of your website, the team of eminently qualified specialists will do it instead. And you may enjoy the process of using your platform on the Internet.

Having chosen A2Hosting, you will be full of strength to thinks about the design, advertising campaign and other things for your platform promotion.


Why A2 Hosting service is worth using?


A2Hosting offers a great variety of variants for web collocation with unlimited traffic, the number of domain names and databases. The cheapest package, which includes all necessary tools for a successful platform functioning, costs $4 per month.

Modern equipment, backup system, and other functions provide almost 100% security for your platform.


Bestvpnrating resumes


Bestvpnrating team finds and studies the best tools for you on an ongoing basis. A2Hosting is one of them. We have the footing to be of opinion that A2Hosting service will help you to achieve all cherished ambitions while site creating.

A2Hosting offers constitutive features for its clients: various types of hosting, super speed, 24/7/365 support, and others.

We award A2Hosting a title of 2017’s Premium Service!

A2Hosting is a great motivation to start a business online. Don’t miss your chance to become a famous blogger or a serious hosting company. With A2Hosting the dreams come true.



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