5 top movies of 2017 torrented on RARBG (Updated for September)

November 03, 2017

1 A Ghost Story (2017)

‘’A Ghost Story’’ is another American fantasy film released in the winter of 2017. The film is devoted to everlasting topics of legality, losses and the aim of human beings. A ghost comes back to his house in order to give his wife comfort. He understands that he is free in time now and the only left to do for him is to observe his wife life from the sidelines. The story is the confrontation of love and existence.

This is not a comedy to laugh at and a love story to cy on, but it is a profound drama which really worth seeing. Now it is accessible for torrenting on RARBG and has already become the most torrented among others.

2 The Book of Henry

The events of this mysterious dram take place in a small town where the family of Henry lives. His mum, Susan, is a single waitress, and the Henry becomes not only the elder son, but the only protector for his family. He takes care of his younger brother and his mum (Henry is only 11 years old!). One day Susan suspects their neighbor having a secret and Henry created a plan for helping them. The plan turns in scaring way, and Susan becomes the central figure of it. Got intrigued? It can be torrented on RARBG.

3 Annabelle: Creation.

Once you adore horror films that make you feel scared, you are lucky to have the chance to torrent ‘’Annabelle: Creation’’ on RARBG. This movie, released just this summer, and has gained its audience not only in cinemas, but RARBG as well.

The events unfold in the film in such a way: a wife and a husband decide to take in kid from the orphanage. Unfortunately, they become the victims of a crazy doll, Annabelle by name. Get scared, but want to know what happened next?

4 Transformers: The Last Knight

After the complete success of the four previous parts of the science fiction action films about transformers, the fifth one is also dead popular among their lovers. This part of the Transformers line is rich with gripping adventures and dangers that will stand on the way of the main characters. Find it on RARBG torrent site.

5 Despicable Me 3

After two successful releases of Despicable Me 1and Despicable 2, the third part of this animated picture was produced. The cartoon was released in the summer of 2017. If you have seen the previous two parts, you will be fancy to watch one more cartoon about the characters. Adventures and positive emotions are guaranteed. There are no doubts why Despicable Me 3 is in top torrented movies on RARBG.

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