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A great library of 123movies at people’s homes

David Balaban
David Balaban
Last updated: 29/12/2018

You never know when you are caught!

Torrent anonymously with a super-fast VPN and avoid fines from copyright holders!


123movies is well-known among contemporary Internet users as it gives access to movies on the Net.

123movies is among the most famous websites for streaming content.

Is it a torrent tracker?            


It is crucial to use a VPN with 123movies. Have a look at the best VPN providers in 2019:

  1. ExpressVPN The best!!! Perfect VPN in 2019 offering a 30-day money back guarantee and 256-bit encryption.
  2. NordVPN provides its customers with super-fast speeds, what is vital while watching movies online.
  3. CyberGhost is a reliable provider with no-logging policy, unlimited traffic, and bandwidth.
  4. VyprVPN offers Nat Firewall, fast internet speeds on 123movies and reliable customer support.
  5. IPVanish will run well with 123movies as it offers unlimited server switching and high speeds.

123movies supplies its users with a great number of TV products without any payment. It is possible both downloading and watching online content presented for free. The website 123movies has a great library that counts over 20 film genres from 132 countries of the world.

However, things aren't looking good.

For example, the residents of the UK cannot access the 123movies website, as it was blocked by the MPA members in October 2016.


This article will help to bypass the restrictions and stream on 123movies.

Besides, you will know about:

But wait, there's more!

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What is 123movies?

123movies is known as a website which provides internet users with a free access to a great catalog of movies and TV shows.

About the site 

The navigation is quite simple. 123movies contains nine inputs on the main page of its website:

    • Homepage

    The homepage presents general information and contains a search engine.

    Here a user can type in a required name for a movie and watch it. Also, a user sees the most favored for the day content and a list of suggested films, TV shows, and series.

    • Genres.

    54 film genres are presented on the 123movies website.

    It means that all the movies presented there are classified according to their genres, and consequently, it is easy to find a movie to entertain.

    Besides, there is an opportunity to choose a movie on the basis of the release year.

    • Country.

    The cinematography products of fifteen countries are accessible on this input of 123movies, but the full number of countries is 132.

    Having chosen the country, a user gets access to the films produced there.

    It is very convenient for film lovers to find something to watch as films are provided with short descriptions, information on duration, shooting, release, and actors.

    It is possible to watch a movie immediately or to add it to the list of favorites and revert to it a bit later.

    Many netizens find 123 movies very convenient and therefore attractive to use for streaming.

    Besides, here one will find the data on film quality.

    • Featured.

    The input “Featured” contains the most prominent and outstanding products of cinematography.

    Here a user can rely on the taste of 123movies developers.

    It makes the process of movies choosing faster and more convenient.

    • Movies.

    All movies are presented here. A user can choose a film to watch after filtering.

    The facilities of the 123movies website allow:

    • streaming;
    • watching a trailer;
    • downloading.

    It looks very attractive, doesn't it?

    123movies authors made it possible to filter movies by genre, country and year of release, which simplifies the process of movie selection.

    • TV-series

    The last episodes of the series are presented here. TV series are also possible to filter with the aim to find the most suitable for a user.

    Short descriptions are provided as well.

    Besides, the library of series undergoes the update on a regular basis.

    • Top IMBD.

    In this section, a user can find all presented on 123movies films with data on ranking. Thus, it is easy to find more and less popular movies.

    • A-Z list.

    Films in this section are given in the alphabetical order.

    • Request.

    Would you like to become an active 123movies user?

    Just check if the site is accessible in the place you live. In the event, it isn't it possible to use a tool to bypass such restrictions.

    Troubles with the access to 123movies

    A vast variety of streaming content of 123movies makes this website the most appropriate for people from every corner of the world. It is possible to find entertaining products from over 100 countries from the year 1971 up to modern times. 123movies users say that it is possible to watch movies online free in high quality.

    The only difficulty one may face is copyright-protected material.

    There are a lot of disputes concerned with piracy issues. And there is no official answer whether it is legal to watch movies online free or not.

    To avoid problems with authorities, it is recommended to find the ways to hide user’s IP. When IP is not identified, it is impossible to find the person who watches movies online free by means of 123movies.

    As a result, a user is absolutely protected. There are several ways to do it: VPNs, Proxies, the Onion Router. All these methods allow hiding IP address and keeping watching movies online free.

    There are other ways to hide IP, but they are less efficient and more complicated. Some of them are connected with the ‘Settings’ of a device a person uses, but it is too time-consuming, and not everyone can do it on one’s own.

    How to unblock 123movies in the UK and outside it?

    As it has already been mentioned in the previous section of this article, VPN software is the best way to gain anonymity and privacy on the Internet.

    This tool encrypts a user's data and open websites properly. And on top of all that, good VPNs support all popular platforms:

    ► Windows;

    ► MacOS;

    ► browser extensions;

    ► mobile OSes.

    But, to stream on 123movies, it is necessary to opt for a reliable VPN provider. In its turn, such tools are usually not free of charge. Reputable VPN providers such as Express VPN and Nord VPN offer very attractive discounts.

    In case you have already found a VPN for your liking, it is time to follow several simple steps to unblock 123movies in the UK.

    Here's what to do:

    ⇒ study the VPN website

    The first step on the way to unlimited streaming with 123movies is to study all the details on the official website of the chosen VPN provider. Thus, the priority should be given to platform compatibility, VPN functions, the privacy policy of the provider (choose no log VPN providers).

    ⇒ choose the most attractive plan

    Study all the packages the VPN you like offers. Take into consideration the fact that the biggest discount is possible when the longest plan is chosen. The discount may be up to 86%.

    Make use of the most secure payment method – Bitcoin (to know more about it, read our Cryptocurrency for beginners guide).

    ⇒ install a VPN client on your device

    After one has chosen a VPN, it is necessary to install it on a device that will be used for 123movies streaming. As a rule, the process of VPN clients' installation is automatic and does not take more than 3-5 minutes.

    However, some services need to be installed manually. Live chat support is like a helping hand in this situation. Besides, such VPNs offer tutorials and instructions on how to set up a client. Read them thoroughly!

    ⇒ clear the cookie files

    Before the first run of a VPN client, it is strongly recommended to clear your browsing history and cookie files. It is necessary to do it because cookies can be used to track a user's activity on the World Wide Web.

    ⇒ connect to the server

    The next step is to run the VPN client which has been installed on your gadget and choose the server. As far as 123movies website is blacklisted in the UK and in some other places, it is required to connect to a VPN server which is located in one of the torrent-friendly countries like Mexico, Spain or Switzerland.

    ⇒ open the 123movies website

    And now is the most long-expected part for 123movies fans. After you have a VPN connection, it is time to open the targeted website. A user will not face any troubles while accessing this streaming service, as his/her IP address is changed.

    ⇒ stream without limits

    A VPN subscriber will not suffer from any restrictions on the Internet anymore, as all the traffic including IP is reliable hidden from the interested parties. 123movies will be accessible notwithstanding your location.

    Besides, a person will not experience the problem of slow speed with VPN.

    Do you like the idea to become a VPN subscriber?

    Share your thoughts about it in the comments to this article!

    123movies proxy sites: PROs and CONs

    In general, proxies are used when an internet user is not going to download any files on the web.


    Proxy sites are not the best solution for streaming either.

    So as to back up this reaffirmation with supporting evidence, let us study both pluses and minuses of proxy websites.

    PROs of proxies CONs of proxies
    + Web server sees a fake IP address – Too slow speed
    + Facility to bypass censorship – Proxies can be dangerous
    + User-friendly nature – No traffic encoding
    + Free of charge – IP address is hidden but not masked

    Thus, some proxies will manage to unblock 123movies, but the streaming will come amid buffers and lags. 

    Best 123movies alternatives to use right now

    One more variant to stream is to make use of the alternatives to 123movies.

    There are two variants to watch a video:

    Variant #1

    Of course, the discussion turns to other streaming services.

    Millions of people from all over the world opt for streaming as one of the most convenient ways of entertaining. There is no need to store GBs of data on a PC or laptop.

    Besides, it is possible to watch a movie or a TV show in any place: at home, on a walk or even on the beach while being abroad.

    The only difficulty is to find a worthy streaming service.

    Thus, if you found 123movies is not accessible anymore, bestvpnrating is ready to suggest you the best alternatives:

    • Netflix

    Being founded by Reed Hastings and Mark Randolph in 1997, not Netflix is the leading streaming service in the world. Since the year 2016, it shoots its own cinematography product such as movies, series and TV shows.

    As of January 2018, there were over 117 million Netflix subscribers. However, Netflix is accessible almost all over the globe (except for China, Syria, Crimea and North Korea), its library is not the same for the resident of different countries.  

    In this regard, there are reasonable grounds to use a VPN for Netflix.

    • Amazon Prime

    Another worthwhile streaming website is Amazon Prime. It is in the market for 13 years already, and its number of subscribers equals 100 million. Apart from streaming video, consumers are offered to stream music.

    • Hulu

    Similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime, this service is also available on the basis of subscription. It was launched in 2007. Currently, it provides customers with the products of Fox, NBC, ABS, TBS, and many other channels.

    The content is rather diverse, that is why Hulu is a good alternative to 123movies.

    Variant #2

    You will like this variant if you tend to spend time outside the city where the Internet connection is very poor. For sure, torrenting is meant.

    Thus, having opted for torrenting sites, one can download files and use them later.

    Want to know the list of the best torrenting sites?

    Undoubtedly, there are different variants to watch a long-expected movie or a new episode of your favorite series. In case the 123movies site is not accessible in your country, it is possible to make use of alternative variants.


    One might become a VPN subscriber and unblock 123movies from any place around the world.

    Coming to the conclusion

    Do you remember what was promised at the beginning of this article?

    If you read these lines, you'll get a bonus.

    You have a unique opportunity to watch trailers to the expected movies in 2019. Critics believe they will blow everyone away! Check it yourself and share your thoughts in the comments below!

    And of course, don't forget that no you know how to use 123movies website being physically located on the territory on the UK!

    Feel free to share this post on social networks in order for your friends to know about it as well!

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    July 30, 2018 1 

    It is interesting to know why to use a VPN with 123 movie website if it isn't blocked? I personally have never used a VPN, but I thought it is useful only for avoiding censorship and geo-blocking...

    August 28, 2018 0 

    Hi, everybody. I always watch movies online but I have never known that it can be unsafe... And I have never heard about any VPNs or proxies.. As a conscious man, I took an interest in the topic. Internet is not safe now, of course. And I realize that some websites, especially which provide something for free can be malicious for hardware as well as for my data. Moreover, I started reading news about Internet safety and can't help wondering... How couldn't I know about VPN before. I have read a lot of reviews already and drawn a conclusion that such VPNs as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost or IPVanish are the best, am I right?

    September 04, 2018 0 

    I use TunnelBear and completely satisfied with it! Check it out! ;)

    David Balaban
    David Balaban
    August 28, 2018 0 

    Hello, Marius. Thank you for reading our article! We are happy to know that we managed to raise your concern about the topic. All VPNs that you have mentioned are extremely reliable, but we don’t insist on using nothing but them. Just read a private policy of a VPN carefully, pay attention to amount of servers and countries where these servers are located. We also advise you to use a paid VPN. If you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact us. Good luck!

    August 11, 2018 0 

    I watch movies hd very often, but I have never heard about 123 movies. I prefer to use vodlocker or putlocker they are the best websites which provide free movies online, imho. I remember that I watch jumanji free online first by means of putlocker. This site is extremely convenient, one can find his favorite movies easily there. I know that my friend likes project free tv very much, but I have never tried it. Thank you for your time...

    April 16, 2018 0 

    There is a huge amount of websites where you can find films of all tastes. But my favourite is sockshare tv shows. Have you ever tried it? It is really a good site! If you have a child, it can become a real deal for you! As for ads and popups, there are not so many of them there.

    July 30, 2018 1 

    It is interesting to know why to use a VPN with 123 movie website if it isn't blocked? I personally have never used a VPN, but I thought it is useful only for avoiding censorship and geo-blocking...

    David Balaban
    David Balaban
    July 30, 2018 0 

    Hello, Enzo. Thank you for reading our article. We hope you have found it useful. As anonymity comes first, we strongly recommend you to use a VPN with all trackers and free sites for streaming content. It will allow you not only to bypass a restriction but also protect your computer, laptop or other device against malicious software or viruses. Moreover, copyright infringement is such a sensitive issue today. You will hide your IP for avoiding problems with authorities by means of a robust VPN. When IP is not identified it is impossible to find the person who watches movies online free by means of any website. We hope this answer your question. Good luck!

    April 08, 2018 0 

    I was looking for a site to watch new release movies, when finally stumbled upon 123 movies. It is undoubtedly a good website with impressive number of movies of different genres. Here one can find and download movies which are still playing in theaters. Moreover, there is a huge amount of old films. But before using this website I recommend you to install adblock, cause there are lots of intrusive ads and pops up there. If the ads were just text ads, or simple pictures that didn't pop-up...

    April 11, 2018 0 

    Install adblock and slow down a computer, no, thank you! I don't need any adblock, it makes more that 50% of the sites on the internet cease functioning… Actually, sometimes I use NoScript, but recommending it to non-technical people is dumb. In a nutshell, it is better to avoid adblock. Moreover, all these expansions are dishonest and scums.