A great library of 123movies at people’s homes

November 01, 2017

123movies is well-known among contemporary Internet users as it gives access to movies on the Net.



123movies is among the most famous websites for streaming content. It supplies its users with a great number of TV products without any payment. It is possible both downloading and watching online content presented for free. The website 123movies has a great library that counts over 20 film genres from 132 countries of the world.

The navigation is quite simple. 123movies contains nine inputs on the main page of its website:

  • Home page presents general information and contains a search engine. Here a user can type in a required name for a movie and watch it. Also a user sees the most favored for the day content and a list of suggested films, TV shows and series.


  • Genres.

Twenty four film genres are presented on 123movies. It means that all movies presented there are classified according to their genres and consequently it is easy to find a movie to entertain.


  • Country.

The cinematography products of fifteen countries are accessible on this input of 123movies, but the full number of countries is 132.


Having chosen the country, a user gets access to the films produced there. It is very convenient for film lovers to find something to watch as films are provided with short descriptions, information on duration, shooting and actors. It is possible to watch a movie immediately or to add it to the list of favorites and revert to it a bit later.


  • Featured.

The input “Featured” contains the most prominent and outstanding products of cinematography. Here a user can rely on the taste of 123movies developers.


  • Movies.


All movies are presented here. A user can choose a film to watch after filtering.


123movies authors made it possible to filter movies by genre, country and year of release, which simplifies the process of movie selection.

  • TV-series


The last episodes of series are presented here. TV series are also possible to filter with the aim to find the most suitable for a user.

  • Top IMBD.

In this section a user can find all presented on 123movies films with data on ranking. Thus, it is easy to find more and less popular movies.

  • A-Z list.

Films in this section are given in the alphabetical order.

  • Request.

A vast variety of streaming content of 123movies makes this website the most appropriate for torrenting from every corner of the world. It is possible to find entertaining products from over 100 countries from the year of 1971 up to the modern times. 123movies users say that it is possible to watch movies online free in high quality.

The only difficulty one may face is copyright-protected material. There are a lot of disputes concerned with piracy issues. And there is no official answer whether it is legal to watch movies online free or not. To avoid problems with authorities it is recommended to find the ways to hide user’s IP. When IP is not identified it is impossible to find the person who watches movies online free by means of 123movies. As a result a user is absolutely protected. There are several ways to do it: VPNs, Proxies, the Onion Router. All these methods allow hiding IP address and keeping watching movies online free. There are other ways to hide IP but they are less efficient and more complicated. Some of them are connected with the ‘Settings’ of a device a person uses, but it is too time-consuming and not everyone can do it on one’s own.